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10 Tips to crack IBPS PO interviews

Published on Wednesday, December 18, 2013
As many candidates who are appearing for IBPS PO interviews are active on this website and many are asking for tips to perform well in interviews. Yesterday I got an email from one of my reader asking the same question. Most of the time I reply in really long emails. So I thought why not to share with all of my readers as it is useful for all. 

I have already shared How to prepare for IBPS interview series and Most common IBPS interview queries. You should read them.

Tips to crack IBPS PO interview

Never argue

I have seen many candidates who were rejected in IBPS PO II because they started a heated argument with one of the interviewer and other interviewers in the panel supported candidate. The result was, Candidates were rejected. You never know which interviewer have most important role in deciding marks of the candidates. In IBPS PO II a candidate who scored 185 was rejected because he started a heated argument, at the the end we won but he was rejected. So never do this.

Learn to say NO

If you don't know answer to a question then simply say it, it's better than giving lame answers. I still remember an interesting question, What is the area of your city ? Most of us don't know answer to this question and expect the same from the interviewers but interviewers have smartphones and they can Google the area of your city, village or town within few seconds. So never give lame answers with confidence, it will make bad impression and will prove that you are lying with confidence.

Never say I can't go out of my city

Most of the married women are rejected because of this reason. They simply say I can't go out of my town or city. Let me tell you that bank officials take care of this fact and try to give nearest location to female candidates but if you resides in Punjab and marked Andhra bank in the top of preference list then bank official have no options. If you need local posting then you should have marked preference of banks wisely. For example those who live Punjab should mark Punjab and Sindh bank.

Be formal and serious!!

Having confidence is good thing but don't let the interviewers have a feeling that you are not serious about this job and you are satisfied with your current job. They will ask this question again and again that why a bank job ? you have a better job or father's business is better than a bank job. You need to prepare yourself for this type of questions.

Make a professional resume

Although it is not mandatory and nowhere mentioned in the call letter, sometimes it is asked by the interview panel, you just can't I don't have because it was not asked. It cost just an hour to make a professional resume and I think you should make one.

Complete your documentation

At least 10% of the candidates are rejected on this ground. Many candidates have some problem in their name, their father's name, DOB etc. These kind of problems can be solved with simple affidavit. 

In case you mistakenly marked that you belong to a reserved category and you don;t that proper documentation to prove this then you will be rejected. Nothing can save you from this even if you have scored 100 mark in PO.

Read full post about documentation

Read Economic Times of last two days

In most of the bank interviews, questions are asked from recent financial updates and most of the times interviewer ask, which newspaper you read ? what were the headlines today? what is the price of gold today? As interviewers are  senior bank officials and their favorite newspaper is Economic times, I recommend you to switch to Economic times for a few days. 

Know yourself

Last but not the least - Know yourself. In major part of interview, interviewers will try to judge whether you are really serious about a job in a PSU bank and whether you are competent enough. If you are over-qualified then they will think that you won't join and IBPS don't need these kind of candidates. Read your course books and be prepared for awkward questions.

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