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IBPS Clerk III - Interview Experience - 10-02-2014

Published on Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Name- Anil Kumar.

Place- Noida sec-62

Reporting time- 1:00 pm


I reached there around 12:20, entry for evening session was going on. I entered and around 1:15 my document verification was over. Then I waited for 10-15 min in waiting room then a man(guarding the interview room) came and took me to in front of interview room and asked me to sit there in a chair and wait, one lady was already waiting there, When I was waiting for my turn in front of interview room, I came to know, in my panel 3 candidates out of 26 was absent in morning session and for other panel absent was 4. In 2 rooms morning session’s interview was still going on but in my room they have completed morning session and interviewed the 3 candidate of evening session. A candidate came out of the room then it was lady’s turn that was waiting besides me. After 4-5 min a man came(M1) from inside (lady was still in room) and asked the man who was guarding the room.

M1= “ Aur kitney hai”

Man guarding the room= “bas abhi ek ko he bula rakha hai baki wait ker rahe hai”

M1= chal ek ka toh ker lenge.

Their lunch is due. M1 was feeling hungry and he is not at all interested in taking interview.

5-6 min later lady came outside. M1 went inside. Bell rung that mean it’s my turn.

I went inside. I wished them. They ask me to sit.

M2: apne bare main batao.

I answered

M1: itna acha course kerne k baad(PGDM), bank main kiyo.

I told them I am interested in banking sector. India’s banking sector is currently valued at Rs 81 trillion (US$ 1.31 trillion). It has the potential to become the fifth largest banking industry in the world by 2020 and the third largest by 2025, according to an industry report.

Very good job opportunity. Even in today’s newspaper it was published that there will be around 20 lakh job in indian banking industry.

M1( interrupted): it’s not 20 lakh but 2.5

I - in today’s newspaper it was 20 lakh and name of newspaper is Nav Bharat Times.

M1 (interrupted)- no its not 20 but 2.5 lakh. Tumhari zero idhar-udhar ho gai hogi. ( I was sure, I read 20 but knew it is not right to argue with him. So I said ok. Latter I checked, I was right, its 20 lakh not 2.5.)

M3- what were you doing from last 1 year.

I: Preparing for bank exam.

M3- what you studied for interview ?

I: banking terms.

M3- what is prime lending rate.

I: rate at which commercial banks gives loan to its prime customer called PLR. And it is decided by individual banks.

M3- what is base rate ?

I: the minimum rate at which bank gives loan to its customer.

M4- what is no fill a/c.

I : answered

M1 angladi le raha tha. Aur idhar udhar dekh raha tha. Shayad bhuk lag rahi thi use. Woh kisi shrarti bachhe ki tarah behave ker raha tha jisse jabardasti shant rehne k liye kaha gaya ho.

M4- what is benefit of no fill a/c

I : answered.

M4- adhaar kiya hai.

I: explained the uid.

M2: depreciation kitney type ki hoti hai.

I: don’t know sir,

M2: uid k bare main batao.

I: I started explain about uid

He interrupted and said “ye batao uid suru kisney ki ??”

I was confuse whether I say GOI or NANDAN nilekani.

I: NANDAN nilekani (having difficulty to pronounce nilekani)

M2: nilkanth. (but realized its wrong). Ok what is the benefit of UID.

I: explained.

M2: ok. Best of luck. You can go.

I: thank you sir.
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