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How to overcome negative Factors while facing exams

Published on Wednesday, March 19, 2014
As when we talk about motivation we comes directly to the point called self confidence. Lets find out some aspects that shows lack of self confidence:

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Fear of rejection

Fear of rejection is one of the main causes that pushes us towards the threshold of failure.

How its comes to our mind?
·         Due to less preparation.
·         Due to High level of competition.
·         Due to personal problems.
·         Due to family pressure.


Fear is natural, it is real, its gives a stress and pressure. But don’t let your fear that turns into negative. Don’t think about rejection, don’t think you can’t do it, don’t think u r uncapable. Just be positive. It is like a game you are a player. You have to play. Leave good balls dnt spent your valuable time on every questions that are difficult to answer. Score on the balls that u can read perfectly and time them well towards boundary means to your aim.


Think positive, Do prayer its gives positive energy, Talk with your close friends who gives u motivation, keep calm, read success stories, Drink juice and take healthy diet.

Don’t Do’s: 

Don’t talk about unexpected future results, Don’t meet the friends that talk negative, don’t loose your aim, Don’t think about other alternatives just focus on your main aim, leave your personal and love problems, ask your family to give you enough time of 3-4 month for your target, don’t waste your valuable time in household works.

Shaking Hands

Lack of self confidence can do worst with us by taking away the control from our body reflections. Its happens with most candidates if the paper is tuff the hands starts shaking. Your hands are not in your control. Why its happens with you?


Don’t go in exam room with a negative view that u may loose. Dn’t think about the results after failure. If you accept your defeat before the exam that will kill ur self confidence and without confidence a Lion can’t do a hunt. How can you expect to select in exam without confidence.

Just think when you goes to exam room that all other candidates are here are just like you. If they can perform then why should you can’t?

Rub your hands with each other before exam and hold your pen like a bat grip and just do it. Its not hard, questions don’t come from out of the world(means from out of ur capabilities). Be confident, God helps who knows to help themselves.


Choose your pen or pencil u r comfortable with because favourite weapons are always support in battle field, forget about fear, practice sum tests at home by your stopwatch, note your time and compare between two practice tests and see how much u improve,  keep calm and relax.

Don’t Do

Don’t let fear enter your mindset, don’t attempt the section first in which u r not master( starts with your favourite section its gives u confidence), don’t see what others are doing concentrate on u only.

Lack of speed

Its happens with us when we need a good speed in paper we just leave our legs from the accelerator. What are the reasons that let us to slowdown our speed? When we need a supersonic speed.


Speed is a life. Be fast and furious but maintain quality riding that reduce the chances of sudden accidents. We all knows speed with accuracy is the life of any exam. You can maintain a good speed when u study well, practice well, when u knows what are you doing. Someone says if some incentives are given to a employee for attain certain goal then every employee try to work hard and perform well.
           Just think after geting selected what u can do. You have a car, bank balance, satisfaction from job, home and much more valuable u can propose ur girlfriend or u will get a good marriage etc etc etc etc. Numerous things you can perform after a govt. Job.

               Do, hard work make your goal try hard to attain your goal. Practice hard and 2-3 hours quality speed in ur paper makes ur life smooth and prosperous.


Choose good stationary, enter in exam room with a plan, divide the section according to ur plan, starts with the section u r master in, focus on that 2-3 hours only.

Don’t Do

Don’t spent much time in time consuming questions, don’t leave ur plan strategy, don’t forget about ur self control don’t make second or third alternative plan their. Try to go with your first plan!

All The Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This article is written by Gaurav Kaushik and it is a part of "Article writing contest - March". Participate and check scores here.

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