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Road Map for Preparation of SSC CGL 2014

Published on Friday, March 28, 2014
As we all know SSC has postponed the SSC CGL tier I examination due to General Election 2014 and Re-exam of SSC CGL 2013, and hence the preparation of all the CGL aspirants has been derailed .

They are wondering whether to go for the final revision and paper solving or to keep studying in a long term manner like making notes and learning new topics etc .

Actually it is nowhere safe , 2-3 months time is neither for just revision nor for fresh start . One has to be very wise while planning the preparation road map for the remaining 2/3 months .

It may play a vital role and can be decisive for all of you .

What to do in April, May (& may be June) to ensure success in SSC CGL :

 1) Just Revision or Just Studying is not enough , Go for both . (Read SSC CGL Study Plan)

2) Point out your weaknesses and work upon it (Oh! geometry is like a prick in my path to success) .

3) Work more on those areas which are expected to cover big portion in question paper (like Advance mathematics >25 marks).

4) English and Mathematics are the key to success in CGL , don't forget this .

5) Start practicing last year/sample question papers, at least one per day and don't forget the time constraint (2 hours with bubbling of answers). (Practice sample papers on

6) English vocabulary section in SSC is actually a bonus, don't just leave it, try to learn idioms ,phrases ,word meanings etc (share of vocabulary in tier I+ tier II = 15+50=65 marks approximately, quite big no).

7) Vocabulary section cannot be covered in a day or a week , start from April 1st and go at least till May 31st i.e. 5 idioms , 5 phrasal verbs , 5 one word substitution , 10 word meanings every day in these 2 months .

8) Reasoning, the easiest section in SSC CGL has to be taken seriously if you are planning to get a job out of CGL .

9) Practice Reasoning questions 1 hour per day , it may be boring but indeed scoring .

10) Non-Verbal Questions are something you don't see in IBPS examinations but in CGL it covers 10 marks. So practice mirror images, incomplete images, water images, dice questions, matrix questions etc.

11) Work Harder & Smarter, it is not just a phrase, it actually works .

All the very Best !!

This article is written by Sourabh Singh and it's a part of March article writing contest.

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