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The SMART way to succeed in Competitive Exams

Published on Tuesday, March 18, 2014
As you all know, while preparing for competitive exams, ”Hardwork” is a must, But it’s the SMARTWORK that gives you the edge. Now, what is this “Smart work” ? In simple words, Work with STRATEGY is SMART WORK.

But why would a student with dozens of books, endless notes, online study materials preparing for competitive exams need this thing called "Strategy" ? Because STRATEGY is the key. If you are among those students who are working really hard since a long time, and still can't see any positive results, then trust me...there has to be a fault in your strategy. If you really want to succeed, invest some time in strategy making. I used "invest" because it's going to give you superb results.

Here are some key points that are really helpful :-

1.First things first, EVALUATE YOURSELF and ONLY YOU can do that. You should know your strong subjects and your weak areas. The key is to make strong subjects stronger and to make the weak ones moderate or average.

2. EVALUATE THE EXAM that you are targeting. You should know which subjects/topics have high priority in the exam. Go through the previous question papers(Its worth the time) and make notes. List down the important/highly repetitive topics. So that you don’t waste your time later studying something that has very very low weightage, while compromising on the areas which can yield more marks.
smart work vs hard work

3.Don't try to avoid the topics that you are not comfortable with. The more you run away from a topic,the more it will haunt you. I have done this myself and have suffered a lot. Remember, there’s no scope for- “I don’t like this chapter, so i will leave it for the last” in this era of cut-throat competition. Challenge yourself..go slow but try to make a grip on your weak points.

4. Make a time table only IF you can stick to it. I don't do this,because Its difficult for me to stick to a daily routine. Instead I make daily targets. Like today I have to complete 1 syllogism exercise,1 compound interest exercise and 1 error matter I do all this in 2 hours or 10. Even if you make a time table,please make a practical one that you can follow..not something like-"I'l study for 12 hours today" that will drive you crazy.

5. Time division must be a part of your strategy . For ex- Study the concepts properly for 2 hour,then practice the exercises for 1 hour and then do the previous year questions of that topic. DON’T KEEP SKIPPING QUESTIONS THINKING –“Ye to easy hai,ho jaega exam mein”

GK/GA is very very crucial. I had ignored it in the past thinking “GA me bas passing marks le aungi to ho jaega” BUT THIS IS A BLUNDER. GA is your shortcut to takes very little time during the exams and can give you an amazing score. Make studying GA a daily habit.

6. Spend the weekends very intelligently judging your previous week's efforts . Give complete tests, revise and evaluate your current position. After the tests,check your mistakes and note down in a notepad, with the correct solution. After few days,you will notice that you are NOT REPEATING THE MISTAKES ANYMORE..and your test marks will surely increase.

7. Maintain a formula diary which has a collection of all the important formulaes (Ya,i know it’s an old method,but it DOES WORK)

8. Whenever you learn a nice trick, that day onwards start applying that trick every time you do those questions. Tricks are damn easy to learn but even more easily they slip out of mind. If you are not using the trick continuously, its not gonna help you in the exams. And you will do those questions in the conventional method during the exam..thus wasting your time that could be saved.

9. Never ever lose your confidence. YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU STAY CONFIDENT AND DEDICATED. Make sure that you don’t lose your focus.

10. Prayers are really important. They can work miracles. Prayers are like a catalyst if you are working hard and smart. Plus, prayers give a lot of inner strength.

PS- Avoid the company of those who keep telling you/disgusting you with statements like- " Private join kar lo yar, govt k chakkar me kahan time waste kar rahe ho,bahot tough hai"

Thanks for reading. And always remember- We have to “Work Smart” 


This article is written by Suboohi Afroz and it is a part of "Article Writing Contest - March". Check contest scores here

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