10 Most Common Bank Interview Questions

In most of the bank interviews same questions are repeated. Today I am going to list down and answer these repetitive questions.

Bank interview questions
Ques 1 - Tell me something about yourself
Ans - It should something unique. Analyse yourself. Try to know what you do better than others.

Ques 2 - Why are you suitable for this job ?
Ans - I am honest and hard-working. You are appearing for interview because you are eligible for it, so don't repeat this stupid line. Every employer looks for an honest and hard working.

Ques 3 - Why do you want to work at this company ?
Ans - This is the right place to give desired shape to my career.

Ques 4 - Why do you want to leave your current job ?
Ans - Now this is the most difficult question. You can't say that I hate my boss. Best answer should - Their positions are not compatible with my skills and qualifications.

Ques 5,6 - What is your biggest strength and weakness ?
Ans - Answer it yourself. It should not be repetitive like - I am honest or I love to work in a team.

Ques 7 - What are your salary expectations ?
Ans - PSU banks are not going to ask this. So you can skip this for now.

Ques 8 - Where do you see yourself in next 5 years ?
Ans - It should be realistic, like, I want to be at place of my boss after 5 years.

Ques 9 - Tell me about a time when you had to work with a difficult person ?
Ans - It is very difficult to work with a short-tempered boss.

Ques 10 - Tell me more 
Ans - It's time to explore yourself. 

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