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5 Shortcuts to Crack Reasoning section

Published on Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Reasoning section is the biggest enemy of bank exams aspirants. Most of the candidates fails in this section. I have seen few candidates who secure very good marks in other sections but fails in reasoning section. Today I am going to share some tips to crack this section.

Sitting arrangement questions

In every exam you will find at least one question set from sitting arrangement questions. If you solve this set, then surely you will crack sectional cutoff. Best way to solve these questions is to step into the shoes of subject. Assume that you are the person about whom examiner is talking about. This will help you solving every sitting arrangement question quickly.


Syllogism is also a popular topic in bank exams. Best method to solve these questions is by drawing circles. You don't need any super-power to draw circles. Practice this technique. Gradually you will experience improvement in your speed as well as accuracy.


That's the easiest part. You can solve any series question within 20 seconds. Never learn any formula for these question. Paper setter is not a fool, he is not going to ask AP, GP or HP questions. Just try to find a pattern in the series and solve it. I regularly share series questions on my Facebook page. Follow the page to get exam questions on regular basis.

Age problems

Best method to solve these questions is to step into the shoes of subject. In every exam you will see at least 1 question from this chapter.


I wrote a book on Reasoning section. You can get this book here

Practice tests

For practice tests on reasoning section, go to


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