I was offered Rs 1000 to attend Narendra Modi's rally

Published on Wednesday, April 30, 2014
As title explains the topic, today I voted for Mr HS Phoolka (AAP Candidate), A supreme court lawyer fighting case for riot victims for past 30 years. Most importantly, he is doing this for free.

I have seen many high profile lawyers, photographers and businessmen wearing "MAI  HU AAM AADMI" caps. One of them is Harnavbir Singh.

I was offered Rs 1000 to attend Narendra Modi's rally. I wanted to vote for him but this man is buying crowd. Everybody in Punjab know this fact. Rs 1000 was the standard rate to be paid. Many people gathered 40-50 people and got their cut. 2 Lac people attended Modi's rally. Almost 90% of them were paid. He spent Rs 18-20 cr for crowd, then 3-4 cr for other expenses. That means this man spent 22-25 cr for a stupid rally! 

Here comes AAP. Look at this man. He is Harnavbir Singh, a professional photographer earning lacs of rupees every month. I think this picture doesn't need word. I don't think this man took money for holding AAP posters.
harnavbir singh aap
There were thousands of other professionals who were standing on the roads and markets, holding AAP posters. BJP-AKALI leaders tried to imitate this strategy by hiring promoters. They hired 20 female promoters. Few good looking girls wearing BJP-AKALI party symbol t-sirts who were hovering around malls, markets and all other prominent places.

I know Mr. Modi is going to be our PM but what kind of promotion is doing ? I don't think he is ignorant about the fact that the crowd in his rallies are paid.

I don't want to promote any political party but I just shared my personal experiences. Waiting for your opinion in comments section.


Many commentators are asking that why I posted such an article. My answer is - It's my personal blog, here I share everything I love. Banking and competitive exams are an important part of my life that's why name of this blog is +BankExamsToday. I am not an AAPTARD. I am not a follower of any political party. I believe in freedom of speech, that's why I posted all the comments. This is my personal opinion, you are against me then you write a comment without using abusive or making any personal attack.  

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