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How to Prepare for SBI Clerk Exam

Published on Friday, June 20, 2014
Now days many readers are asking a repetitive question - How to draft their SBI Clerk exam preparation strategy. Today I am giving you few tips to start your preparations, here we go :-

I recommend you to follow SBI Clerk Exam Preparation series in which I am providing free study material on regular basis.

Collect study material

Most of the candidates commits mistake of purchasing low quality and outdated study material. Read list of my recommended books. Generally books by highly advertised publishers are of low quality. So always research before you buy.

Time for SWOT analysis

You should know yourself. If you find yourself weak in Quantitative aptitude then give it more time as well as attempt it at first.

I recommend you to give 35 minutes each to Quantitative aptitude and Reasoning, 30 minutes to English and 20 minutes to General Awareness, Computer and Marketing sections. Now you are left with 15 minutes and there might be 50 questions which you haven't seen. You should plan how much extra marks you will fetch if you devote 15 extra minutes to a particular section. You have already cracked sectional cutoff and now you are looking to maximize your score. At this time I recommend you to attempt your strongest section.

Coaching vs Recorded lectures

Many candidates are already working in private sector, they never find time to prepare for exam. Recorded lectures proved to be a boon for them. These lectures are always well prepared and to the point. This gives you flexibility to study at your place and time. Get free recorded lectures here.

Bank Clerk is an High Esteemed Job!

There is a misconception among students that Clerk is low esteemed job but in reality there is marginal difference between salary of a Bank Clerk and a Bank PO. After 2 years of service a Clerk is eligible for departmental exam to become a manager. Whereas in case of PO, AGM sends the performance report of PO. Further in case of Clerk, you will be placed in your own city and there will be no frequent transfers.

As per me if you are not ready for frequent transfers and unable crack PO exam. SBI Clerk is the right exam for you.

Practice more

Practice make a man perfect. More online tests you give, the higher will be your score. Right now you can take any online test series. I recommend You should take sectional as well as full length test to get used to online exams.

In case you are facing any difficulty then comment below. I promise to help you.

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