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SBI PO Exam Experience - 29 June Evening Shift

Published on Monday, June 30, 2014
Hi friend today I am going to share my exam experience.

English- Easy

GA(Overall)- Moderate.

1- Marketing:- Logical Marketing--Moderate,

2- Banking Related- Easy to Moderate,
3- General Knowledge- Easy to Moderate,

4- Computer- Basic

Data Interpretation- Super tough, no direct questions, all questions required lot of calculation as they asked you to calculate total & then percents & there were mostly essay type questions. Lot of time lost in reading & comprehending.

Reasoning:- High Level & time consuming.

Overall view on Exam Paper- Tough.

Descriptive Paper:-

Letter writing:- Moderate,

Paragraph Writing:- Social issues:- Logical

Read Para & Answer :- Easy

Precis :- Accounting passage

Essay :- Social, Business.

Overall view on descriptive paper :- easy.

Unusual thing:- Only two rough sheet per candidate, one ga question has two same options, One circular seating arrangement has wrong data, many students have missed on one section means not able to attempt above 10-15 questions.

Venue was 25 km from my place, I attempted 103 question & most in my lab attempted around 88- 110 but I too missed out on one section because of one wrong question in reasoning because I have to verify it again & lost time & sir please verify with other candidates whether that data that is correct or not.

I am sending you the question of reasoning which has wrong data, please don't publish it till i get it resolved, just give me the solution or verify it whether it was wrong or not.

Eight people R,S,T,U,V,W X, Y are seating in a circular table facing center not necessarily in the same order & they working in different industries shoes,artifacts, cosmetics, garment, automobile, toys, electronics, textile(this one might be different but there were 8 industries but i remember the arrangements) not necessarily in the same order.

Electronics one sit third to the right of cosmetics one, there are two persons between Y & Electronics one, R sit second to the left of cosmetics one, garments one sit immediate next of R bot not the immediate neighbor of cosmetics one, T sits third to the right of toys one & there are two person sitting between artefacts & V, X sits to the immediate right of artifacts, R&T are not from artifacts, S is not from garments but immediate neighbor of automobile. W does shoes.

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