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Data Interpretation for SBI Clerk - Set 5

As many of you might know that I have started Data Interpretation Preparation Series for SBI Clerk exam. In this series I am sharing useful and free study material for SBI Clerk exam.

Following pie charts shows the distribution of employees in three companies A, B, and C in 2014. 

1. Number of female employees in B and C constitutes what percentage of the total number of employees in B and C? (Rounded off figure)
a. 40%
b. 42%
c. 44%
d. 46%
e. 48%

2. If 40% of the female employees in company A are married. What percentage of the male employees are unmarried provided that the total number of married people working in the company A is 2500?(Rounded off figure)
a. 68%
b. 70%
c. 72%
d. 76%
e. 78%

3. If the 1/3th of the female employees are living with their husbands. How many of them are married but not living with their husbands, provided that 34% of the females are unmarried?
a. 2645
b. 2684
c. 2744
d. 2844
e. 2875

4. If 20%, 25% and 30% of the employees in company A, B and C respectively are under the age of 30 years. Which company has got the largest pool of employees in the age group 30 years and above?
a. A
b. B
c. C
d. A and B
e. A and C

5. If company C increases its staff strength by 20% in 2015 and 10% of the staffs retires in 2016. What will be the total increase in staff strength of Cat the end of the year 2016 from the present levels? (No other recruitment/retirements happens other than those mentioned)
a. 880
b. 704
c. 9504
d. 1760
e. 10560

Answers: 1.c 2.b 3.c 4.e 5.b
1.       Number of female employees in B and C= 2100*(75/25)=6300
Total number of employees in B and C=22000*(65/100)=14,300

Percentage=(6300/14300)*100= 44% (Approx.) (c)

2.       Number of married female employees in company A= (40/100)*2100= 840
Total number of people working in company A= 7700
Total number of married people working in company A=2500
So, Number of married male employees= 2500-840= 1660
Total males in company A= 7700-2100= 5600
Number of unmarried male employees= 5600-1660= 3940
Percentage= 70% (Approx.) (b)

3.       1/3th of the female employees are living with their husbands= 2800
34% of the females are unmarried or 66% are married.
Married females= 8400*(66/100)= 5544
Female employees who are married but not living with their husbands= 5544-2800
= 2744 (c)

4.       Employees in the age group 30 years and above is as follows
A-     7700-20% of 7700= 6160
B-      5500-25% of 5500= 4125
C-      8800-30% of 8800= 6160
Answer is both A and C (e)

5.     Present staff strength of C= 8800
After 20% increase in 2015: 1.20*8800= 10560
After 10% decrease in 2016: 0.90*10560= 9504
Increase in staff strength of C= 9504-8800= 704 (b)

 This post is written by Arjun KV. I am very thankful to him for his efforts.

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  1. sir Q1 is wrong how can 75% of 2100 is 6300????

  2. Dear friend.. Read the question carefully. 2100 is the number of female staffs in company A. From the pie chart we can make out that 25% of the total female employees constitutes the strength of A. Therefore the rest 75% is 6300.
    For your understanding:

  3. Females in B=1650
    females in C=3960
    So how have you solved the first question.

    1. Females in B= 2520
      Females in A= 3780
      Total= 6300 (Solution is right)
      Please recheck your calculations.


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