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Data Interpretation Question Set for SBI Clerk exam - III

Published on Wednesday, July 02, 2014
As all of you might know that I have started SBI Clerk Preparation series. In this series I am sharing free study material with my all my readers.

Must check Part I and Part II of this DI sets

Set 3

An exhibition featuring traditional clothes consists of men, ladies and kids sections. Each section is
allotted a square area and the perimeter of 3 sections adds up to 240m and is distributed as follows.
Data interpretation for SBI Clerk

Three types of bulbs are used to light up the entire area and they are distributed in accordance with the following criteria.
Bulb type
1 per 5 m2
1 per 25 m2
1 per each 4m of perimeter

Data interpretation for SBI Clerk difficult

1. What is the ratio between the areas of ladies, kids and gents sections?
a. 41.67:33.33:25
b. 20:16:12
c. 25:9:16
d. 16:9:25
e. Cannot be determined

2. If the furnishing of each square meter requires Rs.125, How much more money is required to furnish the gents area than the kids section?
a. Rs.22875
b. Rs.28175
c. Rs.21875
d. Rs.21975
e. RS.22250

3. What will be cost for lighting up the ladies section provided that each LED costs Rs.80, CFL Rs.75 and incandescent bulb Rs.12?
a. Rs.12175
b. Rs.12225
c. Rs.12715
d. Rs.12525
e. Rs.12515

4. What percentage of the LED bulbs is utilized to light up the kids section?
a. 16%
b. 17%
c. 14%
d. 20%
e. 18%

5. What will the total electricity consumption of the ladies and gents section together in a day provided that consumption of each LED is 0.2 units/day, CFL is 0.4units/day, and incandescent bulb is 1 unit/day respectively?
a. 102.5
b. 102.4
c. 105.5
d. 115.5
e. 112.5

Answers: 1.c 2.c 3.a 4.e 5.b


Perimeter of a square= 4*length of its one side

Ladies: 41.67% of 240= 100m (each side is 25m and area is 625m2)

Gents: 33.33% of 240= 80m (each side is 20m and area is 400m2)

Kids: 25% of 240= 60m (each side is 15m and area is 225m2)

From the above data we can arrive create the following table.
Bulb type
1 per 5 m2
1 per 25 m2
1 per each 4m of perimeter
data interpretation set 3

1. Ratio between the areas of ladies, kids and gents sections is 625:225:400= 25:9:16 (c)

2. Area of gents section- Area of kids section= 400-225=175m2

Furnishing charge is Rs.125/m2

Expense for furnishing extra 175m2= 175*125= 21875 (c)

3. Cost for lighting up the ladies section = 125*80+ 25*75+ 25*12= Rs.12175 (a)

4. Percentage of the LED bulbs utilised to light up the kids section= (45/250)*100= 18% (e)

5. Total number of LED, CFL, and incandescent bulbs in ladies and gents section together is 205, 41, and 45 respectively.

Therefore the total electricity consumption in a day= 205*0.2+ 41*0.4+ 45*1

= 102.4 (b)

This post is written by Arjun KV. I am thankful to him for his efforts for others.

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