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Fill in Blanks Test for SBI Clerk exam

Published on Friday, July 18, 2014
Directions (Q.21-25): Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each pair of blanks

1.       July and August are the months of the ‘silly season’ for the newspapers in the UK; with everyone on a summer holiday the papers are _________ to look for silly stories to ________ the pages.

a) needed, darken                       b) forced, complete                                c) completed, fill
d) required, full                         e) ready, arrange

2.       The Supreme Court of India recently ________ up with two _________ on electoral laws.
a) appeared, views                      b) gave, circular                                     c) came, rulings
d) sent, laws                              e) brought, advice

3.       The value of the rupee _______ the dollar has been declining _________ August 2011.
a) and, upto                               b) against, until                                      c) and, for
d) vs, in                                                e) vis-à-vis, since

4.       The recent decision in the Novarties Glivec case continues a long-established tradition ________ India contesting a Northern agenda on patent ________
a) of, laws                                 b) in, acts                                              c) about, regulations
d) against, rule                           e) for, legislation

5.       The cold war _________ friendships and __________ the quality of political discourse.
a) improved, crippled                 b) damaged, lower                                  c) sabotaged, abased
d) destroyed, debased                  e) disbanded, dishoured

Answers - 
21 - c
22 - c
23 - e
24 - a 
25 - d
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