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Gk Questions and Topics asked in SBI Clerk

Published on Monday, July 21, 2014
Today I am sharing topics from which questions have been asked in SBI Clerk exam yesterday. In brackets you can find the questions asked

Questions asked in SBI Clerk exam

  • Countries and their currencies (Currency of China and Bhutan have been asked)
  • Sports events (Questions about Wimbledon tournament asked)
  • Banking terms (EDC, Core banking)
  • Cabinet ministries (Questions asked - Who is Finance minister of India ? Who is road and transportation minister ?)
  • Banks and their heads (Who is chairman of SBI ? Who is chairman of Axis Bank ?)
  • Government public schemes
  • Important days (Ques asked - Human rights day)
  • Important financial and regulatory institutions (Who control money supply India ?)
  • Awards 
  • Books and their authors ( Who wrote Sahara the untold story and My journey transforming into dreams?)
  • Full forms (What is full form of CAG, IRDA ?)
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