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Data Interpretation Practice Set 8

In a series of providing data Interpretation practice questions, today I am providing two sets.

Study the following pie chart and table carefully to answer the given questions.

data interpretation questions

Ratio of male students to female students
M : F
7 : 9
5 : 3
6 : 2
6 : 8
3 : 4
8 : 12
12 : 4

1) What is the ratio of the number of female students in Institute F to that of male students in Institute C?
a) 1 : 6                         b) 2 : 3                         c) 1 : 4
d) 6 : 1                         e) None of these

2) The total number of students studying in Institute F is what percent of the total number of students studying in Institute C?
a) 125%                       b) 175%                       c) 225%
d) 150%                       e) None of these

3) Which institute has the maximum number of students and which has the minimum number of students respectively?
a) E and G                   b) F and C                    c) B and E
d) A and E                   e) E and C

4) The number of female students from Institute E is what percent of the total number of students from all the institutes? (Calculate the approximate value)
a) 9%                           b) 8%                           c) 7%
d) 10%                         e) 13%

5) What is the difference between the total number of students from all the institutes and the number of male students from Institute A, D and G?
a) 46000                      b) 46520                      c) 46550
d) 45320                      e) 46250

Study the given line graph carefully and answer the following questions. The graph shows the ratio of imports to exports of two companies A and B over the years.

data interpretation practice set 2

6) If the total import of Company A in the year 2010 was Rs.54.6 Lakh, then what was its export (in lakh) in that year?
a) 22.84                       b) 21.84                       c) 23.630
d) 23.86                       e) None of these

7) The ratio of imports to exports of Company A in the year 2012 was what percent more than that of Company B in the year 2008?
a) 45%                         b) 40%                         c) 50%
d) 60%                         e) 30%

8)If the imports of Company A in the year 2012 increased by 40% and the exports decreased by 20%, then what would be the new ratio of imports to exports of Company A in that year?
a) 5 : 21                       b) 9 : 5                         c) 14 : 5
d) 5 : 9                         e) 21 : 5

9)If the imports of Company A in the year 2010 and the exports of Company B in the year 2010 were Rs.42 Lakh and rs.70 Lakh respectively, then the imports of Company B in the year 2010 would be what percent of the exports of Company A in the year 2014?
a) 350%                       b) 200%                       c) 300%
d) 400%                       e) 250%

10) In which year is the difference between import and export of Company A the minimum?
a) 2009                                    b) 2012                                    c) 2013
d) 2014                                    e) None of these

11) For Company A, the export is greater than import for how many years from 2008 to 2014?
a) 4                              b) 3                              c) 2
d) 5                              e) Cannot be determined


1. E
2. C
3. E
4. E
5. D
6. B
7. C
8. E
9. E
10. C
11. B

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  1. sir...
    pls give the solutions to the 6 to 10 questions

  2. plz provide cutoff marks of ibps exams upcoming raman ji

  3. kindly solve ques no. 4 pls

  4. sir it is really very helpfull

  5. answer for question 7 are not right, ans is 100%.

    1. vikas ji aap sbi ka exam diya tha aapne.

    2. can you please explain question no.8.
      thank you.

    3. Right Vikas, few answers are given wrong here. just like question 7, in ques#6 also how come export is less than imports when the import:export = 0.25
      The right answer should be 218.4Lac

  6. Sir as DE takes a bit more time to solve...what should our motive while solving this in a minimum period of time

  7. Goofy kinda question bring some freshness as IBPS authority do !!!

  8. how to solve problem no.8..anyone give solution for it

  9. Replies
    1. Answer:- 21:5

      X(Import) / Y(Export)=2.4
      as per condition given- 1.4X / 0.8Y = 1.4/0.8 * 2.4 = 4.2:1 or 21:5


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