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GA Questions asked in SBI Clerk - 24 August (Evening Shift)

Published on Monday, August 25, 2014
General awareness questions asked in evening shift yesterday with answers.

1. Capital of Sri Lanka - Colombo
2. Second most spoken language in India after Hindi - Bengali
3. Maharashtra's horticulture ambassador: Amitabh bachchan 4. Location of new AIIMS in Maharashtra as per budget 2014 - Vidarbha
5. From budget something from the agriculture declaration (asked in percent values)
6. IBSA summit 2015 where to be held ? New Delhi
7. Grand prix title in which game ? Car racing
8. Tiger woods plays which game : Golf9. Disability day - DEC 3
10. Which company owns MOBILIO scooter brand - HONDA
12. What is the form of DVD - DIGITAL VERSATILE DISK
13. Constituency of Kalraj Mishra - Deoria
14. Currency of Egypt- EGYPTIAN POUND
15. Commonwealth games 2018 to be head at - AUSTRALIA
16. Study of sound and waves is known as -ACOUSTICS
17. Deduction under section 80(c) increased to- Rs1,50,000
18. Who won Golden Boat in Fifa 2014 - James Rodriguez
19. Mouse is which type of device? - Input device
20 . What is binary numbering
21. What is shortcut key for CUT - CTRL+X

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