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Strategies to solve Sentence Arrangement questions

Published on Thursday, August 07, 2014
Sentence arrangement is an important question type for bank exams. So today I am sharing strategies to solve these questions.
  • Try to understand the tone of author
  • Find the starting argument. In starting argument, author try to write about problem.
  • Find concluding argument. In this argument, author gives his opinion about the problem.
  • Try to relate two statements. Ways to relate statements :-
How to relate Statements

1) As per time period

For example - (1) Sham born in 1989 (2) In 1992, Sham went to school
In this example sentences should be arranged in the order in which they actually happened.

2) Subject verb agreement

For example - (1) Ram born in 1989 (2) In 1992, he went to school. 
In this example in first sentence Noun is used whereas in second sentence pronoun is used so first sentence should be arranged before second.  

3) As per flow of activities 

For example - (1) Raman bought fish from fish market. (2) Raman cooked fish curry.
In the above example Raman can cook fish curry only after purchasing fish from the market, so first sentence should come first.


Arrange following sentences in proper order
(A) Special care needs to be taken to reform the other State taxes, viz state excise, motor vehicles tax, passengers and goods tax, and stamp duty and registration fee.

(B) The introduction of GST in the indirect tax system of the Union and the State Governments and the DTC in the direct taxes of the Union Government will help establish an economically efficient, cost-effective and transparent tax system.

(C) That would make the Indian tax system suitable for taking the country towards a new horizon of future growth and prosperity.

(D) It would make the Indian tax payer competitive at home as well as in the international market.

(E) Also, the other taxes at the state level need to be further reformed.

(F) It is, however, important to remove the bumps and road blocks in its introduction.

Answer - BDFEAC
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