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Important Group Discussion Topics for Preparation

Published on Saturday, September 13, 2014
Nowadays many banks such as SBI, IDBI and Bank of Baroda (Manipal program) started conducting Group Discussion (GD) to select candidates. Many readers asked to share important GD topics, so today I am writing important topics. 

Group Discussion Topics

1) Decentralization leads to lack of control and centralization leads lack of responsibility. What should an organization do to bring effectiveness.

2) Do you support financial penalties for breaking organizational rules and regulations.

3) How internet technologies can help governments in better governance.

4) Pros and cons of Social networking websites.

5) Is India ready for e-commerce revolution ?

6) Unemployment rate is very high in India. How it can be minimized ?

7) What steps should Prime Minister of India take to improve growth rate. 

8) How to improve employability of educated youth in India. Various vocational training programs failed to improve the situation in past. 

9) There are multiple taxes on selling commodities and providing services in India. Do you think multiple taxation system leads to tax evasion. 

10) Frauds by various PSU banks officials are in news. There are strong regulation system from RBI and individual banks. What steps RBI and Bank management should take to avoid such frauds.

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