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Daily Vocab Dose - 22 October

Published on Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Daily Vocab Dose for today

1. Brittle – easily breakable
antonym = unbreakable
example : Chalks are very brittle.

2. Bedlam – noise/confusion/disorder
example : The bedlam created by the sound of firecrackers is very uncomfortable for old

3. Bemoan – to regret strongly/lament
example : After losing the general elections Arvind Kejriwal must have bemoaned leaving the Delhi CM post!

4. Benevolent – showing kindness/charitable/ good-hearted
antonym = unkind/uncharitable
example : Mother Teresa was known for her benevolence towards the poor and diseased.

5. Blatant – unconcealed/openly being shown
antonym = concealed
example : Vijay Mallaya’s blatant display of wealth and sheer waste of money has lead him to this pitiable state!

6. Bamboozle – deceive/betray/mislead
example : The Ponzi schemes are designed to bamboozle innocent investors and cheat them off their money.

7. Bonafide – genuine/ authentic
example : For interviews we are asked to carry our bonafide education certificates.

8. Beseech – to request earnestly/plead/beg
example : Subroto Roy, the Sahara Chief, beseeched the Court to grant him leniency.

9. Brawl – to fight
example : After the Ganesh puja event, the local boys got into a brawl.

10. Badger – to irritate/annoy
example : My niece always keeps badgering me when I am working on the laptop!

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