Daily Vocab Dose - Alphabet C

Published on Friday, October 24, 2014
Daily Vocab Dose - Alphabet C

1. Cavil – evasion/raising pointless objections
ex.: Some MPs always cavil about pointless issues.

2. Corpulent – excessively fat/obese
antonym = thin/lean
ex.: The comedienne Bharti’s corpulent figure gives her an edge over her colleagues!

3. Caveat – legal or official warning
ex.: A social worker issued a caveat against unfair practices in the education system.

4. Connote – express/show
ex.: It was difficult for me to understand what Shakespeare’s poems wanted to connote.

5. Crude – gross/vulgar
antonym = decent
ex.: Kapil Sharma’s jokes are quite crude some times.

6. Confront – meet/encounter/face-to-face
ex.: The confrontation between the opposing youth party representatives resulted in name-calling and minor violence.

7. Credentials – certificate/ certification
ex.: Smt. Smriti Irani’s credentials for being appointed as HRM was questioned after it was found out that she had not completed her graduation.

8. Curtail – restrict/curb/limit/cut back
ex.: After the hairline fracture to his right toe, Tom’s natural playing flair was heavily curtailed.

9. Cynic – unpleasant or disagreeable person/some one who always finds faults in others
ex.: Salman Rushdie seems to be a cynical person; I've never seen him say anything nice.

10. Covert – secretive/protected
ex.: CBI’s covert operation to expose the black monies in the numerous Swiss

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