Daily Vocab Dose - Character D

Daily vocabulary dose for today :-
1. Debacle – collapse/fiasco/sudden defeat
    ex.: Congress MPs found it hard to face public after their recent election debacle.

2. Demote – assign to a lower position/reduce in rank
                     antonym = promote
    ex.: You will get demoted if you do not keep up your job performance.

3. Deject – depress/ demoralize
    ex.: After the crushing loss in the final match our team members were very dejected.

4. Defunct – inactive/inoperative
                     antonym = operative/alive/live
    ex.: New start up business ventures also have the risk of going defunct very soon.

5. Deception – misleading/ false/ deceiving
     ex.: Magic tricks work on the principle of deception.

6. Dexterity – quickness/skillfulness
    ex.: It requires great dexterity to be a sand sculpture maker!

7. Docile – meek/tame/easily handled or managed
    ex.: Rabbits are extremely docile creatures.

8. Distort – falsify/misrepresent
    ex.: These days news channels distort the truth to make it look more sensational.

9. Decorum – pleasant manner or behaviour
    ex.:  Parents always tell their children to maintain decorum when visiting other’s

10. Defiance – to protest/ rebel
       ex.: Sarita Devi’s defiance to accept the Asiad Bronze is going to land her into a lot
       of trouble with the boxing authorities.


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