Daily Vocab Dose - Character E

Published on Monday, October 27, 2014
Daily vocabulary dose for character D

1. Exonerate – to clear/acquit/pardon
    ex.: Oscar Pistorius the double amputee Olympic runner, did not get exonerated in the
    case of killing his girlfriend.

2. Eloquent – to speak fluently
    ex.: PM Narendra Modi is a very eloquent speaker.

3. Eminent – well-known/important
    ex.: Smt. Jaya Bachhan is an eminent Rajya Sabha M.P.

4. Euphoria – joy/excitement
    ex.: I could not hold back my euphoria after topping my board exams!

5. Evacuate – empty/ vacate/ leave
    ex.: The special task force evacuated the nearby villages before the cyclone hit.

6. Enthuse – stimulate/show enthusiasm
    ex.: The street play on women empowerment was aimed to enthuse a degree of               
   confidence and self reliance in women.

7. Ensemble – group/band
    ex.: The movie Happy New Year has an ensemble cast!

8. Equip – provide/supply
    ex.: The scooties always come equipped with handy tools in its dickey.

9. Evade – avoid/escape
    ex.:  The escaped prisoners managed to evade the police for ten days, before they were

10. Exile – to expel from country/banish/send away
      ex.: Dalai Lama has been staying in India ever since he was exiled from Tibet in

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