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Daily Vocab Dose - Character F

Published on Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Daily Dose for vocabulary

1. Furtive – secretively/sly/sneaky
    ex.: She furtively looked to see if anyone was watching her steal the chocolates.

2. Fury – anger/rage
               antonym = serenity/calmness
    ex.: My father was furious seeing my report card!

3. Fragile – easily broken/delicate
                   antonym = sturdy/ strong
    ex.: If you would have noticed the cartons of T.V.s or microwaves or refrigerators,
    they always have ‘fragile’ written on its sides.

4.  Flamboyant – showy/colourful/loud/flashy
                            antonym = modest/quiet
    ex.: The page 3 news segment thrives on the flamboyance of Bollywood.

5. Fervent – eagerly/ passionately/ keenly wanting or hoping for something
    ex.: I fervently hoped for better luck in bank exams this year!

6. Fastidious – difficult to please
                        antonym = relaxed/tolerant
    ex.: My mother-in-law’s fastidiousness sometimes makes life very difficult!
    (Remember it this way – mom in laws are always very difficult to please =

7. Feasible – possible/reasonable
                     antonym = impossible/unfeasible
    ex.: It’s not feasible to crack bank exams without being a dedicated student.

8. Figment – imagined things/created by someone’s imagination
    ex.: Harry Potter, who was nothing but a figment of J K Rowling’s imagination, ended
    up making her a multi-millionaire!.

9. Finesse – skill/grace
                    antonym = clumsy
    ex.:  To excel in fashion designing you need to have great finesse in your hands and

10. Formidable – alarming/frightening/fearsome/impressive/astounding
      ex.: The old castles in Rajasthan, with their huge walls, are still formidable to look at.

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