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Daily Vocab Dose - Character G

Published on Friday, October 31, 2014
Daily Vocabulary dose for today

1. Gesticulate– communicate or express through movement/gesture
    ex.: From the other side of the bridge I saw her gesticulate me to hurry up.

2. Grimace – frown/scowl – to make a face
     ex.: He grimaced in pain and the nurse injected a syringe into his arm!

3. Gusto – enjoyment/delight
    ex.: The children ran all around the newly opened theme park with great gusto.

4.  Grandiose – pompous/ loud and showy
     ex.: During Diwali some wealthy families show off their wealth in over-the-top grandiose celebrations.

5. Gregarious – sociable/ outgoing/ extrovert/ someone who likes company
    ex.: Raj is a very gregarious fellow; he always likes to host parties!

6. Grandeur – splendor/ majesty/ magnificence
    ex.: The Taj Mahal’s grandeur never diminishes.

7. Gradual – slow/regular
                     antonym = rapid/ fast
    ex.: Swacch Bharat Abhiyan will gradually show results; one cannot expect centuries of un-cleanliness to go away in a week!

8. Gigantic – enormous/ huge
    ex.: Dinosaurs were the most gigantic creatures to ever live on earth.

9. Gory – violent/gruesome/horrific
    ex.:  The Hindi movie ‘Gadar’ showed how gory Indo-Pak partition had been.
    (I hope you remember this movie, little old, starring Sunny Deol and Amisha Patel!)

10. Galore – in abundance/large quantities
      ex.: I love to go to eat-all-you-want buffets at Oberoi Hotel; it’s a galore of some of the best Indian dishes!

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