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Golden rules for Professional Writing in Descriptive Paper

Published on Wednesday, November 12, 2014
In continuation to the discussion in the last article, let’s go ahead with the –

Project Professionalism:

A professional is someone who takes everything he/she does seriously. A professional thinks, speaks and acts as his work demands.     
The question is who do we project such professionalism in the descriptive paper?
Simple, think as a banker does.
In the descriptive exam the essays (both long and short) are mostly generic and highly diverse topics. And while we attempt such
questions we think, write and express a common man’s view. But what is expected of us? To think like a banker does.
Sit under the thinking cap of a banker. Connect every issue to banks and financial conditions of the country.
“Think like a banker, be a banker.”
This is easily said than done. For example, how do we connect ‘gender bias in Indian societies’ to banking?
The topic as it is not a positive one, nevertheless we can always use a hopeful tone, can express thoughts on the changing scenario of the present. And if we give the instance of the inception of world’s first all-women bank, the “Bharatiya Mahila bank” by the Indian govt., it would perfectly project that our thought process is oriented towards the banking sector.
And that my friends is the key.

Some tips for professional writing:

  • Always remember to make a rough outline of your essay or letter with a pencil (somewhere in the margins). 
  • To avoid redundancy in points to be presented, try thinking about the topic in all possible directions. A useful reminder to this is-SLEPT, which will not allow the examiners sleep off boredom. 
  • Often we find topics could be related wholly to a sector, like ‘automation in banking sector’, then how do we connect this topic to socio-cultural direction, or to political aspect? 
  • We can bring in the issues which the rural, illiterate community in the society may have with abrupt automation of every banking service. Or rather be positive about asserting that a little awareness about automation in socially backward sections could really help in financial inclusion. 
  • Professionalism in you would make the writing intelligent, while positivity would make it palatable. 
  • Here again we have a pitfall, we must be able to neatly interweave the connection to banking sector in the essays, so that it will not seem out of place. If not the reverse of our expectations will manifest in the reality.

I can’t resist adding a little anecdote here, once there was a little boy who prepared to write a little essay about ‘cow’. He knew only that essay, while in the exam, the question for essay didn't have ‘cow’ topic. But the little boy didn't have any other choice, he wrote for the topic, ‘Aeroplane’; “once I went on an aeroplane, and I saw so many cows down on the ground, cow is a grass eating animal. It has four legs…”- and he continued writing about the cow he learnt.

Let’s not be like the little boy, connecting anything and everything to banking without making sense. If the connection is not implicit try connecting the dots without being too obvious.

For example, to connect ‘terrorism in India’ to banking sector, discuss first about black money transactions helping terrorists and RBI introducing KYC norms to protect banking system from fraudulent accounts.

  • Professionalism also means being politely firm and diplomatic as much as possible. This is mainly tested in the letters section, given provocative topics like “you have lost your debit card and you have complained to your branch officials about it. Instead of taking immediate action on the said issue the officials have neglected it, moreover insulted you when you followed up on your complaint. Write a letter to the branch manager about this issue in not more than 250 words.” 
  • Generally such topics are a trap for the unprofessional. Stay clear from it by being polite yet firm, do not write threats or in accusatory tone. 
  • For precis writing stick to the word limit. To be precise is to be exceptionally professional. 
Remember the written scripts of your descriptive examination reach the interview panel and you must be coherent of what you have expressed in the paper months ago.

Being professional is believing that you are what you dreamt to be.

I am thankful to Sri Lasya Kannepalli for writing this article and sharing with my readres.

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