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MS Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Published on Saturday, November 01, 2014
There are many shortcuts, mostly the ‘common shortcuts’ which are same in MS Word as well as MS Excel. But not all shortcuts work here!

Please note, sometimes the shortcuts may differ because of OS or the version of OS or the version of MS Office. The shortcuts I am listing are MS EXCEL 2003 ones (which are compliant in the latest versions as well) – they are most commonly asked.

If you have a different version, you can check for shortcuts from ‘HELP’ option.

A. Microsoft Excel – common shortcuts

1. Ctrl + N = will open a new excel document
2. Ctrl + O = will open the ‘Open’ box to open previously saved documents
3. Ctrl + W = will close the current excel document without exiting Excel
4. Ctrl + S = to save the currently open word document
5. Ctrl + P = will give the print option for current document
6. Ctrl + Z = will undo the last action
7. Ctrl + Y = will restore the action undone
8. Ctrl + X = will cut selected item
9. Ctrl + C = will copy selected text/item

10. Ctrl + V = will paste the previously cut/copy selected text/item
11. Ctrl + A = Selects the whole document
12. Ctrl + F = will open Find and Replace option/dialogue box

B. Microsoft Excel’s Formatting Shortcuts

1. Ctrl + B = will bold-en the selected text/selected cell
2. Ctrl + I = will italicize the selected text/selected cell
3. Ctrl + U = will underline the selected text/selected cell

4. Home = will take you to the first cell of a row which has any value
5. Ctrl + End = will take you to the last row which has any value

6. Ctrl + Home = will take you to the very beginning of a document
7. Ctrl + Shift + F = will activate the ‘Font’ option and you can chose the font you want

C. Microsoft Excel – insert option shortcuts

1. Ctrl + K = to insert a hyperlink
2. Alt + I + P + C = will open the Clip Art box on the right side of the document
3. Alt + I + P + W = will open the Word Art options box
4. Alt + I + P + O = will insert an organization flow chart, which you can edit as per

                                 your requirement
5. Alt + I + B = insert a page break
6. Alt + I + H = opening Chart setup wizard
7. Alt +I + M = inserting/attaching a comment to cell on excel
8. Alt + I + R = insert rows
9. Alt + I + C = insert columns
10. Alt + I + E = insert cell
11. Alt + E + D = delete cells/rows/column option is opened
12. Alt + I + F = open the ‘functions’ dialogue box. Alternatively function can be added by clicking on ‘fx’ icon on the toolbar.

D. Function of function keys.

1. F1 = opens Help option. F1 opens help option in all MS Office applications.
2. F2 = for editing contents of a cell
3. F5 = will open ‘Go To’ option
4. F7 = will open spell check option
5. Ctrl + F9 = minimizes particular work book
6. Ctrl + F10 = restores particular work book

7. F10 = will activate Menu bar
8. F11 = will open a ‘Chart 1’ tab
9. F12 = will save the workbook

To list shortcuts of keyboard keys combination there can be many more; the ones I’ve listed here for you are the ones which are the basic and most common shortcuts, which are used by people in their day to day office work. Thus these are the ones which are most commonly asked.

That is all for the day on ‘computer awareness’! Have a good day!

Please don’t forget to give a feedback.

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