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Quantitative Aptitude - Tips to Improve Performance

Published on Tuesday, November 25, 2014

No time to lose – we’ll get to business.

We got 40-50 questions in quantitative aptitude. Many chapters and many problems.

Keep all of those aside and let’s focus on how we can play to our strengths to maximize our marks in this particular section.

1. Perfect the perfected some more!

Don’t spend precious time learning new chapters or shortcuts or concepts.

Do and re-do those chapters you've already done and perfect them, such that, any sum they give – you've got it!

2. Well stocked armour for your battle!

Some chapters like, partnership, work and time, simple and compound interest, area, speed are a must in every exam.

Do ALL of them properly. When you know there are 99% chances of these common topics to come in the exam – then why will you leave ‘em out!

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3. Speed and time management

Imagine, if you took 60 seconds for 1 question – you’re taking 50 minutes for 50 questions! That is like one hour only for quantitative! But you got other 4 sections too – and they ain't easy!!

Last couple of days before exam should be completely devoted to revising and speed-testing yourself.

Improve your speed to 30 seconds per question – that is the level of competence required.

4. Data Interpretations – The Ugly Truth!

Some DI are fairly simple but lengthy, while some are simply ugly and monstrous.

You should always attempt the fairly simple ones – they are the sure marks questions!

Do the monstrous ones only if you've got time left to spare. Because these can take a lot of time – devoid you of patience and basically murder your quantitative section and perhaps the entire exam!

If, you have lengthy DI’s in the first couple of questions – take my advice – skip and solve the easy ones first. You’ll see that you would have at least done 30 questions. Then come back to the ugly DIs!

5. Quatitative Aptitude ≠ Quantity

Only because it is a section of quantitative aptitude does not mean your aim is to solve as many questions you can and get half of ‘em wrong!

You need to focus on quality.

Doing 40 sums haphazardly and carelessly and getting 10-20 wrong is nothing but disaster!

Do 20 sums, but do ‘em right. People who’ve done as low as only 13 sums in Quanti have interview calls this IBPS!

That does not mean you do only 20 sums when you could have done more, do as many as you can but – get the answers correct – precision – is more important than number of questions attempted.

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6. Answer will show the way

Sometimes it is easier to solve through answer! Have you ever tried it out?!

For complicated questions, don’t waste time solving and calculating – simply look at the answer options and do back calculation to easily get the answer!

Usually works in SI, CI, Speed and Distance sums quite easily!

7. Put a time limit

Decide how much time you are going to spend on the Quantitative section – don’t spill the fiasco onto the other sections. Or else the entire exam may go south.

Giving half hour each section is equal division. Depending on how tough or easy any particular section is – you may give it 10 minutes more or less. But giving more than 40 minutes to any section is a NO NO!

8. Number Series – special mention

It usually comes for 5 questions – and never easy.

Do them if you can catch the ‘logic’ within 30-40 seconds; if not don’t waste time behind it – chances are you might not get it even after 5 minutes.

This happens because when you don’t get the logic soon – your mind starts to take tension – and in tension people forget the normal logics too!

There are 35-45 other sums to do – go do them!

The day or the morning before your exam – don’t stress too much. Relax listen to music, read some G.A. and plan how you want to attempt your exam.

Think positive and the results will follow!

That is all folks – have a good day!

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