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SBI Associates Preparation – The Very Last Minute!

Published on Thursday, November 06, 2014
Dear Readers, there’s no rest for the bank job aspirants – not yet that is!

The second most important banking exam of the year– IBPS PO – just got over and what an experience that was! People are now thinking of taking up CAT coaching to clear banking exams!

After having weathered a very grueling month of IBPS and festivals, we are now a few days away from the third important bank exam – that of the SBI’s cousins…the Associate Banks!

I would like to share with you some encouraging words and tips to get your tired self up and moving!

11 tips for the 11th hour preparations!

1. Nothing new please!

Stick to perfecting the concepts and solving speed of the maths/reasoning chapters you already know. Precision is more important than number of questions attempted.

I’m not saying number of questions is not important, it most definitely is – but going by SBI PO and IBPS PO, the difficulty level that they presented us with – if we do min 100 (try to push yourself and do as many as you can) questions with 110% accuracy – then we at least can ensure an interview call!

2. Please don’t stop the practice:

Keep up the daily practice paper solving routine – it will help with the speed and accuracy – and keep you in the ‘zone’!

3. Expect Difficult:

Because both SBI and IBPS PO were ranging from moderate difficult to extreme difficult! So, my sincere advice would be to gear up for another grueling difficult paper!

Expect the worst and prepare yourselves accordingly.

4. Brush up:

On the Current Affairs and do them thoroughly. Don’t leave any stone unturned in your preparation level in General Awareness.

If you lack in Math/Reasoning, make up for them in G.A.

5. Don’t forget:

Marketing and Computer…these two subjects will be included in the 50 questions of G.A., and attempting these two completely should be your aim.

This way you can increase your total questions attempted with less tension of getting answers wrong.

6. Angreji:

Is not tough, but – it is not easy either. If you are confused and not at all sure of what the correct answer might be – just because it is English – don’t take a chance!

Chances are you might be 100% wrong!

One of my friends, cleared the overall cut-offs in this year’s SIDBI recruitment, but got stuck because of English. She could not clear English’s sectional cut off and actually received very less marks.

Reason – she attempted all English question and got maximum of them wrong!

Moral of the story – treat English just like G.A. If you know it, only then do it!

7. Descriptive Paper ahoy!

This is my favourite advice of all – do not neglect preparing for the descriptive paper.

There are many aspirants who say (very loudly) that clearing the MCQs is important, that if you clear the MCQs, you are automatically cleared through the descriptive.

My question is – who told you that? SBI examiners? SBI’s official notice? No one!

If they are conducting a 50 mark written test to judge writing skills and thought process – it is definitely not a joke.

Hence, dear friends, read as much as you can and develop your abilities to write a good descriptive paper. It is very important.

Check out the link below on how to attempt a descriptive paper and impress the examiner!

8. Please note:

The official announcement/advertisement of SBI Associates Recruitment says, that candidates will be tested on ‘Data Analysis & Interpretation’. It does not say ‘Quantitative Aptitude’.

So – prepare DI and DS – and also continue practicing Quantitative Aptitude to be on the safe side.

Because only when we actually see the paper will we know what they are testing us on!

9. Pep up and be confident no matter how bad the last storm was! Look forward to it with enthusiasm. Your attitude may change your luck!

10. Keep updating your knowledge…and

11. Keep learning and sharing knowledge!

Those my friends are my humble words of colleague and friend level advice to help you through the next big one!

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