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50 Common Interview Questions asked in Bank Interviews

Published on Thursday, December 18, 2014
While prepasring for interview many candidates got consused while answering common questions. So Today I made list commonly asked Interview questions.

List of questions


  1. Introduce yourself in one minute 
  2. Define yourself in one word 
  3. Describe yourself briefly 
  4. Meaning of your name, who named you and why? 
  5. Do you have any namesake? 
  6. What is your father and his job profile? 
  7. What is your family background? 
  8. Where do you come from? 
  9. Tell me about your native place/city/ state and it is famous for what? 
  10. What are your hobbies and interest? 
  11. If you do not succeed this time, what will you do? 
  12. What is your educational background? 
  13. Tell me something about your achievements? 
  14. Any extra-curricular activity pursued by you? 
  15. Why do you want to join Banking sector? 
  16. What qualities should one possess to be a Bank P.O.? Do you think you have these qualities? 
  17. Who is the founder of this Bank? 
  18. When was this bank nationalized? 
  19. What is the current financial position of bank? 
  20. Name the person who inspired you the most? 
  21. How is your subject helpful in banking sector? 
  22. Why is there a gap in your studies? 
  23. What are your strong and weak points? 
  24. As a student of Science/Art/Commerce, why didn’t you go for higher studies? 
  25. Newspapers and magazines that you normally read? Name the Editor of Newspaper? 
  26. Why should we select you? 
  27. Why do you want to be a P.O.? 
  28. What is your idea of life? 
  29. What is the importance of hobby in our life? 
  30. Where you see yourself after 10 years ?
  31. Have you cleared any exam earlier? 
  32. What will you do if you don’t get selected? 
  33. What does your mother do or whether she is a house wife or in a job? 
  34. Where did you spend your childhood? 
  35. Why don’t you join your family business? 

Educational Background

  1. You passed B.Sc./B.Com/B.A. in the year 2007, what were you doing till now? 
  2. There is a gap in between graduation and P.G. Why? 
  3. Why is there a great variation in marks between class 10th, 12th and Graduation? 
  4. What is the use of your subject in this sector? 
  5. What is the use of your subject in life? 
  6. How do you correlate your subjects with Banking? 
  7. Why didn‘t you continue your studies? 
  8. Your subjects are related with IAS, PCS. Then why are you here? 
  9. From which college/univeristy have you completed your graduation? 
  10. What are the specialities of the schools/colleges from where you have acquired education? 
  11. Why have you switched to Arts stream from Science stream or vice versa? 
  12. These days the use of computer is increasing in the banking industry. Since you don’t have the knowledge of computers, how will you perform your job satisfactorily? 
  13. You have done MCA then why d on’t you go for technical post? 
  14. What is the motto of your college/university? 
  15. You have written in your bio data “N.A.” What is this?

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