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7 Qualities that an Interviewer is looking for

Published on Friday, December 19, 2014
Many candidates reads lot of study material for interviews but they ignore to understand what an interviewer is looking for. Today I am going to share the basic selection criteria of any job interview :-

Clarity of thought

Why you want to work in a bank. 

Your answer - Right now I am working in my fathers business but I don't find any growth in it.

This will create a negative impact in the ind of interviewer. Step in the shoes of interviewer. He will think that this person is not stable.
Right now he is not interested in his father's business after a year or so he will not be interested in a bank. After all it's a boring job. I know this well. There are many other needy people who don't have any other option. 

Result are out

You failed in interviews!! You didn't even get passing marks. I hope you know the reason.

Decent looking

Many people wear casual jackets or coats in the interviews. Get a simple Black coat with a tie for interview. After all its a service industry and they are looking for decent looking employees.


Many candidates are unemployed from past 5-6 months because they are preparing for the exam.

Is it a bad thing or a matter of shame ?


Be honest and explain the interviewer that competition level is really high and it was almost impossible to crack the written exam without rigorous preparations. So you left your job.

Good communication skills

Practice, practice and practice

Use your washroom mirror to see how you look while answering the question. Read newspaper loudly to improve your confidence.


One of the most popular questions is :- If you get posting 1500 km away from your hometown what would you do. 

Whether you will go or not, say Yes I will go.

Strong work ethics

Recently many PSU bank managers were involved in unethical practices. Now interviewers are looking for ethical employees who want to help 


Every employer is looking for an employee who is serious about the company and job. If the job is just another option and if you think you deserve better, then you might not be the right candidate.

Be serious. Interview room is not the best place to crack 

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