Blood Relations - Shortcut Techniques with Practice Questions

I've compiled some questions on ‘blood relations’ from here and there and there and here – specially for IBPS Clerical purpose.

This topic is a must do – it can come for 5 marks and every mark is important!

Please read the article Blood Relations – How the story unfolds!, before you begin solving – so that you can formulate an idea of your own based on my tips to go about solving these sums!

I’m going to solve the first two sums for you – with my style of solving to give you an idea – then it’s your song, dance the way you want – I don’t literally mean dancing – it is just a saying!

Question 1. ‘X + Y’ means ‘X is the father of Y’. ‘X – Y’ means ‘X is the wife of Y’. ‘X x Y’ means ‘X is the brother of Y’, ‘X ÷ Y’ means ‘X is the mother of Y’ and ‘X = Y’ means ‘X is the sister of Y’ On the basis of this information, what does ‘X + Y – Z’ mean?

Solution: We first off need to clear the clutter with the + and – and  x’s!

Simply jot down on your rough sheet like this :-

+    father of
–    wife of
X   brother of
÷   mother of
=   sister of

Now we solve,

X + Y – Z therefore is,

X is the father of Y, and Y is the wife of Z!

That means – X is the father in law of Z.

Question 2. Pointing to a lady on the stage, Ashita said, “She is the sister of the son of the wife of my husband.” How is the lady related to Ashita?

Solution: Find who you can easily relate to and be that person – then go about creating one relation after another!

In this question – be Ashita – then start from the end of the sentence – that way it will be easier.

‘My husband’ = Ashita’s husband.
‘wife of my husband’ = is Me = Ashita!
‘son of the wife of my husband’ = My son.
‘Sister of the son of the wife of my husband’ = My son’s sister = My daughter!
She is the sister of the son of the wife of my husband’ = the lady on the stage = the lady being pointed out = my daughter!

          Ashita + Husband
   |                                      |
Son                           Daughter

Now you solve! Time yourself and then look at the answers below!

Question 3. Miley says, “Dolly’s father Mick is the only son of my father-in-law Jagger.” Then how is Pamela, who is the sister of Dolly, related to Jagger?

Question 4. While discussing Tan’s ancestry, Lan quizzes Tan while pointing towards a man, “His mother is the only child of your father.’ How is Tan related to that person?

Question 5. Vicky who is Dinesh’s daughter, says to Irma, “Your mother Reeta is the younger sister of my father, who is the third child of Chand.” How is Chand related to Irma?

Question 6. Anand is the brother of of Bakul and Chavi. Dina is Chavi’s mother. Ernie is Anand’s father. Is Bakul Ernie’s son?

Question 7. A woman presents a man as the son of the brother of her mother. How is the man related to the woman?
Question 8. Raina, Murli, Haiden, Patel, Gony, Balaji and Morkel are seven members in a family, out of which there are three females and four males. There are two managers, two lawyers, one teacher, one engineer and one doctor. No lady is either a teacher or an engineer. Haiden is a lawyer and is married to Raina, who is a teacher. Balaji, the engineer is married to Patel, who is neither a lawyer, nor a doctor. No two ladies have the same profession. Murli is the sister of Morkel, who is a manager.

(i) What is Gony’s profession?
(ii) Who are the four males?
(iii) Who is the teacher?
(iv) Who is married to Balaji and what is the person’s profession?

Ha! I hope the last puzzle one was entertaining if not difficult!

Now for the ANSWERS -

Answer 3. Pamela is Jagger’s Grand-daughter.

                           Jagger(m, father in law of Miley)
Miley(f, wife)+Mick/Husband/only son of FIL
       Dolly – Pamela (f, sister)

Answer 4. Tan is that person’s Mother.

Father ( first off – the father)
Tan (then - ‘mother is the only child’)
Son (‘His’)

Answer 5. Grandparent.

We can say Chand is Irma’s Grandparent and not Grandfather or Grandmother, because don’t know!

Simply because Chand’s gender cannot be identified from the question – we NEVER identify gender from the names!

      __________________ | _________
     |                                                        |
Reeta(f,mother/sister of) ---------- Dinesh (m, father of)
   |                                                          |
Irma                                                 Vicky(f)

Answer 6. NO!

Because we cannot determine Bakul’s gender!

                      Ernie(m, father) + Dina(f, mother)
Anand(m, brother of) – Bakul – Chavi

Answer 7. The man is the woman’s cousin brother – ‘Mama ka ladka’ if I may say so!

Mother – Brother
       |            |
Woman    Son

Answer 8. Most important thing is to go one sentence after another and solving the clues without getting confused of the male names!

(i) What is Gony’s profession? – Lawyer .
(ii) Who are the four males? – Raina, Balaji, Morkel, and Gony.
(iii) Who is the teacher? – Raina, male.
(iv) Who is married to Balaji and what is the person’s profession? – Patel, female, wife, Manager.

Females                            Males
1. Haiden          +            1. Raina
2. Patel              +            2. Balaji
3. Murli             –            3. Morkel
                                        4. Gony

2 managers – Patel(f), Morkel (third male)
2 Lawyers – Haiden(female), Gony ( the last/fourth male)
One teacher – only male - Raina
One doc – third female - Murli
One eng – only male - Balaji

Were you able to solve ‘em all in under 10 minutes?! I sure hope so – because that is your target time.

Keep practicing friends – and keep giving feedbacks!

That is all – Good day!

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