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Important D-Day tips for Bank Interviews

Yesterday I had a conversation with HR manager of a leading PSU bank. She said when a candidate enters the office we make half of the decision whether to select him/her or not. Looks matters a lot. After all banking is a service industry. We make make remaining 30% of the decision when he/she speaks the very first line. We are looking for sweet spoken people with whom people love to talk and he/she doesn't get irritated quickly. Reaming 20% of the decision dependent upon his profile, knowledge, academics, family background etc.

Be formal

If you have planned to wear a jacket or a party wear suit, then please don't do this. Buy a simple black coat. I have 3 simple black coats and I wear them on every formal or informal occasion. This is the best investment should make for your interview preparations. Buy a black coat with a tie. Girls can wear anything simple but avoid jeans.

Don't use casual terms

Yup, Yeah, Oh my god, Gosh, Damn

Don't use such kind of words. I know these are part of your personal home made dictionary now. But avoid them at any cost. Don't make faces in front of interview panel, even if you habitual of doing this, control yourself for few minutes.

Read basics about banking

You are going to have a conversation with people who are working in banking industry for past 20-25 years. Banking and finance is in their blood now. They expect everybody to know the meaning of CASA, NPA, Balance sheet, Negotiable instruments, Crossed cheques, F& B and lot more. If you can't answer these basic questions then they will consider you a fool and struck you out of the list.

Instead of reading random articles from all over the web, follow a systematic plan to prepare for interview. I recommend you to get Interview Preparation guide

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I don't think you need any other book or special coaching for interview preparations. Be honest ! That's the mantra of success

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