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Most Popular Questions in a Bank Interview

Published on Thursday, December 04, 2014
Today I am going to share popular questions asked in a bank interview. These questions are based on dozens of interview experiences in past few months.

Before moving forward, bookmark Interview Preparation Series. (Clerk IV series)

What an Interviewer is looking for :-

  • Candidate should be reliable. Interviewer prefers a candidate who doesn't have any other option. If you are unemployed right now, speak up. It may be in your favour.
  • One of the interviewer from the panel will try to be behave casually with you. They want to know how you react. Be serious as they are looking for a "Serious Workhorse"

Important Interview  Questions

Commerce background

  • Accounting rules
  • Accounting principle
  • Taxation

Most common questions

  • Name all kinds of investments under section 80(c).
  • Return on which investments are tax free under section 80(c) of income tax act (Ans - PPF)
  • Which tax brings highest revenue to central government (Ans - Corporate  tax , get details here)
  • What is marginal accounting ?
  • What is NPV (Net Present Value)  
  • What is small service provider ?
  • What is the last date to pay Advance tax ?
  • How often we need to fill service tax return
  • What is rate of VAT on education books (Ans -These are tax free)

Management background

  • Marketing models
  • Marketing environment
  • Sources of finance

Important questions

  • What are swaps and options ?
  • What is porter model
  • BCG matrix
  • What are angel investors ?
  • What are Cash Cows
  • What is a stock index ?
  • How the value of Sensex is calculated ?

Common Questions for all streams

  • What are various types of risks a bank faces (Most important) This question is asked in almost every PO or Clerk interview.
  • What is CIBIL ?
  • What are NPA
  • What is Credit Rating ?
  • What is KYC and what's it's purpose ?
  • What is the difference between NEFT and RTGS ?
  • What kind of services a bank provides ?
  • What is mutual fund ?
  • What are various types of mutual fund ?
  • Which is the safest type of mutual fund ?
  • Which is the safest investment ?
  • What is value of Sensex, Gold, Dollar, Sterling Pound right now (Must read newspaper on the interview day)
  • If I give you Rs 10 lacs, what will you do with this money (Your answer should be - I will buy a house or I will pay off my education loan. Never say that I will start my business or something like that. It will be a deal breaker answer)
  • In case you get the job and you get the posting in Kerala or Bihar, will you join (Say yes with confidence)
  • Why we should give you this job ?
  • Why you want to work in a bank ?

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