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My SBI Associates Exam Experience – 30/11/2014

Published on Monday, December 01, 2014
I First attempted G.A. – because simply I couldn't handle the curiosity of how many I would be able to do! I did 27 questions in 10 minutes and could have done more if I had taken time to think.

But over-all it was fairly easy.

Reasoning – was easy I attempted 29. Speed was my problem. But questions were easy.

English was easy I did 33. Ran out of my own allotted time of 30 minutes. So comprehension questions were the ones I had to let go!

Quantitative Aptitude – was my downfall again with only 19 sums – speed – speed –speed!

But it was easy – the DI’s and DS’s were all easy – so…I felt short only because of my own slow speed.

Overall the paper was EASY. Cut offs expected to be on the higher side! Now suddenly IBPS PO’s 82 cutoff increased the expected cutoff to 105-110

Then came the descriptive – and I was surprised to know that we had to look at the questions on the computer and write ‘em on the paper!

Again the paper of 50 marks was easy – but time consuming – I couldn't do the precise which was for 10 marks.

So my exam experience in a nut-shell?

Paper was EASY – my performance was bad. In between exams, cut-offs and preparations we forget it is important to take care of health too – and that was my downfall!

So guys take care of your health too along with studies and everything else too!

This article was written by Kiki Upadhyay

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