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Seating Arrangements - Practice Questions for IBPS Clerk

Published on Tuesday, December 09, 2014
Hello guys!

IBPS clerical preparations on? Hope so. Today’s practice topic is Seating Arrangement.

Looking at the exams that happened last weekend – at least 2 seating questions to be expected. They might even include one as a DS! So, all those who’ve got exams coming up – expect 3-4 seating questions! So easily between 10-15 marks!

The levels are Easy – Moderate; concentration and a bit of practice will get you to solve and answer the 5-6 questions in under 4-5 minutes.

I hope you had read my previous article on Seating Arrangements – How to seat ‘em right!

Practice is what I had stressed upon and now its time to see how good we are at getting those A, B and Zs to sit at their right places!

However, please note – seating arrangement is not only ‘seating’ of ‘persons’ – it actually means logical reasoning based on arrangements. J

So, I’ll try cover all possible types in this revision piece.

Here we go. See how many you get correct in the first try!

Question 1.

Six people A, B, C, D, E and F are sitting in two rows, three in each, all facing north.
  • E is not sitting at the end of any row,
  • D is second to the left of F,
  • C, the neighbour of E is sitting diagonally opposite to D,
  • B is the neighbour of F.
(a) Who is facing B?
(b) Who sits opposite F?
(c) Who is diagonally opposite F?

Ans :      A—E—C
(a) E
(b) C
(c) A

Question 2.

Six birds are placed in a circle facing the centre. Sparrow is between Peacock and Pigeon. Koel is between the Crow and the Swan. Crow is to the immediate left of Pigeon.
Who is sitting fifth to the right of the bird second to the left of Pigeon?
Ans : Swan

Question 3.

Mr. A, Miss B, Mr. C and Miss D are sitting around a table and discussing their trades.
(i) Mr. A sits opposite the cook.
(ii) Miss B sits to the right of the barber.
(iii) The washerman is to the left of the tailor.
(iv) Miss D sits opposite Mr. C.

Who is the Washerman?

Ans : Miss D

Question 4.

Eight people, E, F, G, H, I, J, K and L are seated around a square table, with two on each side.
(i) There are three ladies but they are not seated next to one another.
(ii) J is between L and F.
(iii) G is between I and F.
(iv) H a lady is second to the left of J.
(v) F a male is seated opposite to E a female.
(vi) There is a lady between F and I.

(a) Who are the females?
(b) Which two male members are sitting together?

Ans.: (a) E, G, H.
(b) J and F.

Question 5.

In a row of soldiers facing North,
(i) Lany is 8th to the right of Kuru,
(ii) Mike is 16th from the left end,
(iii) Lany is 16th to the right of Jack, who is 27th from the right end of the row,
(iv) Kuru is nearer than Mike to the right end of the row,
(v) there are 5 boys between Mike and Kuru.

(a) How many soldiers are there between Jack and Mike?
(b) How far is Kuru from the right end of the row?
(c) How many soldiers are there in the row?
(d) How far away is Jack from the right end of the row?

Ans.: (a) There is 1 soldier between Jack and Mike.
(b) Kuru is 19th from the right end.
(c) 40.
(d) Jack is 27th from the right end.

And another one,

Question 6.

Five courses A, B, C, D and E, each of one month duration is to be taught from January to May, one after another, not necessarily in the same order, by lecturers P, Q, R, S and T.

P teaches course ‘B’, but not in the month of April or May. Q teaches course ‘A’ in the month of March. R teaches in the month of January but does not teach course ‘C’ or ‘D’.

(a) S teaches which course?
(b) Which course is the first course of the year and taught by whom?

Ans : (a) Either C or D courses.
(b) E is the first course, taught by R.

Okay, that is all I got in my bag for the difficulty levels as per IBPS Clerical.

If you can do all 6 of these correct in one try – I assure you, you need not worry about seating arrangements for your exam!

Good day to all

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