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UIIC GK and Computer Questions asked on 28-12-2014

Published on Monday, December 29, 2014
GK and Computer questions asked in UIIC exam on 28 december

Morning Shift Questions

  1. Jeevan praman is digital life certificate insurance scheme
  2. Pmjdy scheme deadline year 2019
  3. Kerala is 1st state to have atleast a bank account in every household( as per pmjdy)
  4. Anantkumar is chemical and fertilizer minister
  5. US person won nobel prize in medicine is John O’Keefe
  6. Bihar is the most rural populated state as per 2011 census
  7. G20 summit held at Brisbane(AUS)
  8. FDI definition: investing or extending the company
  9. foreign exchange meaning: exchanging  a nation money with respect to another country
  10. Anti corruption day oct31
  11. Currency of the nation of Columbia is the Colombian peso
  12. The world’s tallest Wind TurbineGenerator at Ahmedabad by Suzlon Group
  13. e-commerce is a online shopping
  14. VDU is output device
  15. Harddisk is permanent storage device
  16. Pentium is a processor
  17. Processor  manipulates data and provide information

Evening Shift Questions

1) Iraqi currency-Iraqi Dinar.
2) Payment bank limit-1 lac.
3) Which Company got Bank licence?(As BANDHAN was not in option)
4) DICGC (Deposit Insurance and credit guarantee corporation) is owned by-RBI.
5) Financial Stability and development council chairman-Minister of Finance.
6) Minister of food and public distribution-Ram wilas Paswan.
7) Sole reinsurer of India- GIC.
8) PMJDY target -10 cr.
9) Terminology for death insurance- Death cover.
10) Michael Phelps associated with which sport - Swimming.
11) Kailash Satyarthi & Malala won which award recently- All know
12) ChoGM next meet-Malta.
13) 15th Indo Russia Summit,Place-New delhi.
14) International Bank body- BIS
15) WhO,Hq- Geneva,switzerland.
16) World AIDS day-1st dec.
17) Book:Electionn that changed India- Rajdeep sardesai.
18) Unemployment rate for population of 15-59 years - ??
19) Geography: Karakoram range lies on which countries-India, pakistan
and china.
20) Agni 2 range- 2000km
21) Question on Kotak mahindra + ING vysya merge.
22) L in LAF -Liquidity.
23) Security market regulator- SEBI.
24) ICICI Prudential joint venture company- ICICI + Prudential plc
25) Fashion @ Big Bazar is a holding company of-Future group.
26) Thieving identity of Credit Card is known as?
27) Full form of PDF: Portable document format
28) Bank crossing FDI limit: HDFC
29) KVP lock-in period: 30 months
30) Capital of Republic of Zimbabwe: Harare
31) Question on history of NICL?

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