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United India Insurance Model Paper - Financial Awareness

Published on Saturday, December 20, 2014
Today I am sharing model paper for United India Insurance Officers exam.

1. The amount payable to the policy holder in case of premature payment of policy is known as:
a) Surrender value
b) Insurance value
c) Pre-Mature value
d) Mid Term value
e) None of these

2. A policy which is terminated due to non-payment of premium is called ____ policy?
a) Failed policy
b) Lost policy
c) Lapsed policy
d) Short policy
e) None of these

3. The Union Ministry of Culturer is observing the year-long centenary commemoration of the historic Komagata Maru incident. What/who was Komagata Maru:
a) Name of Steamer Ship
b) Name of Place in Canada
c) Name of Rebel Leader
d) Name of Sikh Leader
e) None of these

4. Which body has been constituted to coordinate the activities of various financial regulators?
a) Finance Stability and Development Council
b) Reserve Bank of India
c) Securities Exchange Board of India
d) Financial Action Task Force
e) None of these

5. The US Government has assured its support for developing ____ smart cities in India:
a) Two
b) Three
c) Four
d) Five
e) None of these

6. _______ is the name of the sub-sonic cruise missile recently test fired by India.
a) BrahMos
b) Nirbhay
c) Danush
d) Akash
e) None of these

7. What is the name of the World’s tallest statue being built in Gujarat?
a) Statue of Peace
b) Statue of Freedom
c) Statue of Integrity
d) Statue of Unity
e) None of these

8. Hemant Contractor has been appointed as new Chairman of which important organization?
e) None of these

9. RBI has directed banks to disallow _____ in the accounts where customers have not fulfilled KYC norms:
a) Deposits
b) Credits
c) Debits
d) Summations
e) None of these

10. What is logo for Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan?
a) A hand with broom
b) A broom and dustbin
c) Sketch of Gandhi
d) Specs of Gandhi
e) None of these

11. 11th ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 will be hosted by which country
a) Australia
b) New Zealand
c) England and Australia
d) Australia and New Zealand
e) None of these

12. Name the National Security Advisor of India?
a) Ajit Doval
b) Mukul Rohatgi
c) Ranjit Kumar
d) Pradeep Kumar
e) None of these

13. Jens Stolenberg has been named as the new Secretary General of which organization?
c) European Union
d) WEF
e) None of these

14. ATP China Open Tennis Cup 2014 was held at which place:
a) Shanghai
b) Beijing
c) Guangzhou
d) Taipei
e) None of these

15. If a company intends to issue shares to the public, it will require prior permission from which of the following organizations?
a) Forward Market Commission
b) Securities Exchange Board of India
c) Shares Issue Authority of India
d) Ministry of Finance
e) None of these

16. ______ won the Men’s singles trophy at ATP China Open Tennis Cup 2014:
a) Novak Djokovic
b) Roger Federer
c) Rafael Nadal
d) Stan Wawrinka
e) None of these

17. At which place in the World, students are leading a prodemocracy protest by the name “occupy central” / “umbrella revolution”?
a) Singapore
b) Hong Kong
c) North Korea
d) Spain
e) None of these

18. As per the provisions of which Act bankers have been empowered to take possession of the assets ch arged to them without intervention of court?
a) Banking Regulation Act, 1949
b) Bankers Recovery of Loans Act, 1971
c) SARFAESI Act, 2002
d) Debt Recovery Tribunal Act, 1993
e) No such provision

19. Which country secured highest number of medals in 17th Asian Games:
a) China
b) Japan
c) South Korea
d) Phillipines
e) None of these

20. India was placed at _________ rank in 17th Asian Games, securing 57 medals:
a) 5th
b) 4th
c) 8th
d) 7th
e) None of these

21. Golden Globe Awards are given for excellence in which field?
a) Cinema
b) Literature
c) Climate
d) Environment
e) None of these

22. Skeet and Double trap are the terms used in which field?
a) Share market
b) Crime investigation
c) National Security
d) Shooting
e) None of these

23. Share of agriculture in the GDP of India is less than _____ percent.
a) 14
b) 13
c) 12
d) 11
e) 10

24. Name the Indian film celebrity who was honoured with Global Diversity Award 2014:
a) Shah Rukh Khan
b) Amir Khan
c) Salman Khan
d) Amitabh Bachhan
e) None of these

25. Name the proposed central government programme that aims at bringing all Indians under health insurance cover.
a) National Health Mission
b) Universal Health Assurance Mission
c) Rashtriya Swasthya Karyakaram
d) Universal Health for All Mission
e) None of these

26. The tax imposed on imports is known as:
a) Income tax
b) Trade tax
c) Custom duty
d) Excise duty
e) None of these

27. Country’s first olive oil refinery has been started in which state:
a) Rajasthan
b) Karnataka
c) Kerala
d) Meghalaya
e) None of these

28. Which one of the following is not a tool of Fiscal Policy?
a) Taxation
b) Public Expenditure
c) Interest Rate
d) Public Debt
e) None of these

29. What was the name of the first address of the Prime Minister over radio broadcasted recently:
a) Atma Ki Baat
b) Dil Ki Baat
c) Desh Ki Baat
d) Mann Ki Baat
e) None of these

30. M.V. Kamath, former Prasar Bharati Chairmasn, Padmasri awardee from Karnataka, passed away recently. He was from which field:
a) Journalism
b) Literature
c) Politician
d) Cinema
e) None of these

31. Which of the following can be called part of service sector?
a) Textile Mills
b) Banking
c) Cola Mines
d) Agriculture
e) None of these

32. John O’Keefe of USA, May-Britt and Edward Moser of Norway won the Nobel Prize 2014 for which field:
a) Physics
b) Medicine
c) Chemistry
d) Economics
e) None of these

33. Name the super cyclone that caused wide spread devastation in th e coastal part of Andhra Pradesh:
a) Khudmud
b) Hudmud
c) Hudhud
d) Hudbud
e) None of these

34. What is the objective of the recently launched “Swachhta Udyami Yojana – Swachhta Se Sampannta Ki Aur”:
a) To provide financial assistance to Safai Karamcharis
b) To open public toilets in the rural areas
c) To open public toilets in the urban areas
d) To provide employment to Safai Karamcharis
e) None of these

35. Which of the following type of account is known as Demat Account?
a) Accounts which are Zero Balance Accounts
b) Accounts opened for repayment of a loan
c) Accounts to keep record of sale/purchase of shares
d) Accounts opened for salary transactions
e) None of these

36. Name the single premium pension policy for senior citizens launched for a limited period of one year, 15.08.2014 to 14.08.2015:
a) Varishtha Bima Yojana
b) Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana
c) Vridh Pension Bima Yojana
d) Varishtha Pension Yojana
e) None of these

37. Which of the following is an Escrow account:
a) Account for making payments to the borrower
b) Account for receiving banks interest
c) Account for disbursing the loan amount
d) Account for receiving all the receipts of the borrower
e) None of these

38. What does the letter M depict in the term SME as used in the financial world?
a) Maximum
b) Medium
c) Mercantile
d) Mutual
e) Micro

39. A person professionally trained in the technical aspects of insurance and related fields is called _________

a) Actuary
b) Factuary
c) Insurer
d) Insuara
e) None of these

40. The short period available to the buyer of a policy within which he can return the policy is called?
a) Return period
b) Free period
c) Free look period
d) Return free time
e) None of these 

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1. Option A

2. Option C

3. Option A

4. Option A

5. Option B

6. Option B

7. Option D

8. Option A

9. Option C

10. Option D

11. Option D

12. Option A

13. Option A

14. Option B

15. Option B

16. Option A

17. Option B

18. Option C

19. Option A

20. Option C

21. Option A

22. Option D

23. Option A

24. Option A

25. Option B

26. Option C

27. Option A

28. Option C

29. Option D

30. Option A

31. Option B

32. Option B

33. Option C

34. Option A

35. Option C

36. Option B

37. Option D

38. Option B

39. Option A

40. Option C

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