15 Personal Questions asked in IBPS and SBI Interviews - With Answers

Half of the questions asked in IBPS interviews are personal questions.

Today I am going to share popular personal questions asked in IBPS and SBI interviews. 

Share your answers in the comments. If your answers are better than mine then I will update the post by giving credit to you.

Before readin these questuions must read

Introduce yourself in one minute 

This is the most important question for any interview. You need understand the most important skill, interest or hobby of you that makes you different and that help you to the job you are applied in a better way.

Meaning of your name, who named you and why? 

Google it!

What is your father and his job profile? 

Now that’s an important question. Till now you were living on your father’s income. His income decided your standard of living. If your father is a businessman or a big farmer then interview may doubt that you won’t join or you won’t be serious.

They will ask why don’t you join your father. “I am not interested “ is a bad answer.

Better answer to this question is - My father ordered me to do job in a Bank because he think it’s better.

Where do you come from? 

Do you know who is Mayor of you city or MP from your constituency. 

If NO is your answer then read more about your town, city and state. You should know the name of your State’s governor, state ministers, MPs, number of districts, neighboring states and it is famous for what etc. 

What are your hobbies and interest? 

Please avoid Internet surfing, chatting etc here. 

A better answer is - Playing cricket, football or anything that won’t disturb the job.

If you do not succeed this time, what will you do? 

I will appear for another exam. Like SBI , NICL, SSC, LIC etc.

Tell me something about your achievements? 
Have you ever done something that makes you stand out of the crowd. 

If the answer is yes then it's your achievement.

Achievement doesn't mean piece of papers named as "Certificates". It's something that helped a community, helped you in improving your skills or something that proved that your your skill is sharper than others who are practising the same skill.

Why do you want to join Banking sector? 

I need stability in my life and further banking industry is growing very quickly. Banking industry will give growth as well stability.

What qualities should one possess to be a Bank P.O.? Do you think you have these qualities? 

Who is the CMD of this Bank? 

Read and learn the list - Heads and Headquarters of Banks 

Name the person who inspired you the most? 

It can your father or teacher or any well known personality. Remember that if you're not joining your father's business then don't say that your father is your role model.

How is your subject helpful in banking sector? 

This is most popular question asked from Engineers. CS Engineers can say that their IT skills will help banks in long run as banking sector is going digital day by day.

I really don't know answer for non-CS Engineers.

Why you were unemployed for past 2 years?

As competition level is really high, I was preparing for Bank exams. Last year I didn't qualify. 

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Why do you want to be a P.O.? 

I am 23 right now. If I join as a PO at this age, by the age of 40, I can be at high position. That’s goal of my life. 

Have you cleared any exam earlier? 

Yes/ no (Be honest here)

What will you do if you don’t get selected? 

I will appear other exams.

Why don’t you join your family business? 

I need stability in my life and there are so many ups and downs in the businesses.

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  1. My session was totally reversed with scientifically terms its lyk experimental session. These are all common expected questions.we cannot expect the same..

  2. Sir aapk notes update nahi h like md vegrh or b

  3. i have mentioned 4 month experience in ibps clerk application,but i dont have experience certificate only salary slip ,would they allow me for interview ?

  4. i have mentioned 4 month experience in ibps clerk application,but i dont have experience certificate only salary slip ,would they allow me for interview

  5. Yes, most of companies normally don't provide experience certificate if it is less than 6 months but you have to show appointment letter and salary slips.

  6. sir i need ur guidance...wt shud i do...sir i hv ma united insrnce AO intrview n ibps clerical on d same day...one in delhi nd anothr in chandigrh...wt shud i do sirrr..pls rply??

  7. Same problem here
    What we should do

  8. wen is ur intrview...seriously a doldrummy situation feel lyk crying:(

  9. that both i have,but am sooo nervous if ill not get a chance to sit

  10. sir are u quite sure,coz am so nervous

  11. Hi sir
    i have cleared IBPS clerk and my interview is on Feb 10th but i have doubt regarding my sc certificate since it is issued on 2006 by government authority . will it create a problem if it is old.... if yes then what i have to do again i have to issue new one ..... plz help plz help me sir plzzzzzz

  12. sir one ques if they ask me about my weakness and i tell them that i dont trust easily.......can it go against me?

  13. was it of central govt or state govt?

  14. are u quite sure sir,coz am really nervous

  15. Firstly i wanna say i hav faild to get bank clerk job previous year despite scoring 72 marks in intrviw..fortunatly i am a primary school teachr now..by d way..a tricky question has genrly been asked that how our subject will help in bank job... i am honours in mathematics..my ans is this....frankly speaking..there is no direct application of my subject in bank job..but i think completing graduation does not mean merely geting some knowledg and a degree...it helps us to reach into a certain level of maturity which i think i have aquird and this will surly help me doing my job properly..Thank u raman..i am still preparing for bank and insuranc job and i get a lot of useful tips from u..

  16. Sir what will be the expected cut off for general in ibps po 4?

  17. any one please help me out i have interview on feb but sc certificate is 2006 issued by state govt so do i have to bring a new one as IBPs said one year old they will accept..... plz help me out as i have less time ..... raman sir plz rep

  18. How to reduce nervousness sir plz tell.

  19. Bank interview is not a big thing thing!!

  20. Thanks Manab

    One day I will publish your success story

  21. 72 marks in interview and not selected, its show how important is to score high in written exam. me too last year scored 67 in PO interview but not selected (i got just cut off marks in written), and unfortunately my this year interview was bad. I am passing bank exam from 2011, i wish,i were failed in written exam of 2011, and moved on for private job instead of wasting my time for bank job.

  22. I am from bengal..last year cut of was 105...my score was 117...with 12 marks abov from cut off and scoring 72 in intrviw anyone can expect somthing good...but it was not like that...i realizd that one has to score 20 marks abov cut off to be safe..

  23. they hav clearly mention in their advertisement that sc certificate should be of central govt..you can apply for cnetral govt. cast certificate ...5 6 din me ban jayega

  24. sir how much score in the online exam will be safe for clerk for west bengal state?

  25. how to get from central government

  26. attestation by Tehsil dar by downloading it

  27. ibps ke advertisement me cast certificate ka format h download it or tehsil se banva leejiye

  28. how do i get where is central govt office for issuing SC certificate please help

  29. means attestation right by downloading the form reply

  30. aap tehsil me ja kar pata kar lo jis trh se state govt ka h usi trh se hi hoga .bs us par bharat sarkar smthing kuch likha hoga..go to tehsil they will tell how to make it..

  31. sure thank you so much i have made it today


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