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Computer bits for 5 January

Computer bits for Today :-

  1. Time during which a job is processed by computer is Execution time 
  2. Mouse is an input device
  3. DSL is an example of broadband Internet connection
  4. Hard disks use magnets for storage
  5. Shortcut to select entire document - Ctrl + A
  6. Outlook and Thunderbird are email client 
  7. Simultaneous processing of two or more programs - Multitasking
  8. Temporary memory to store data till processor processes data is Primary memory (RAM)
  9. Main page of website is known as Home page or Index page
  10. Method to connect two web pages is known as Hyperlinks
  11. CSS is used to style HTML webpages
  12. CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
  13. Adobe Photoshop and Gimp are pixel based graphic editors
  14. Adobe illustrator and Corel draw are vector based graphic editors
  15. Phishing Scams are attempts to steal confidential data 

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