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General Awareness Quiz for 13 January

Published on Tuesday, January 13, 2015
General Awareness Quiz for today 


  1. What is the target of opening of households accounts by January 26, 2015 under Pradhan mantri Jan Dhan Yojana 
  2. 1st target consume of Sugar and 2nd largest producer of Sugarcane is 
  3. What is the percentage share target of manufacturing in GDP by 2025 as per new manufacturing policy 
  4. Mr.N. Ramachandran is the President of 
  5. In 86th Academy Awards- the Oscar Awards for best direction was given to 
  6. In World Gender Gap Index the nation at 1st place is 
  7. FDI in India as per DIPP among top 10 investing in India 
  8. Tagore Award for cultural harmony was given to 
  9. Who were declared as players of the year in men’s and women’s by All India Football Federation 
  10. Total texable services in 2012 were 119, where in 1994 were only 
  11. Japan’s last bid for victory: The Invasion of India 1944 was written by 


  1. 7.5 Crore Accounts 
  2. India 
  3. 25% from the present level of 16% 
  4. World Squash Federation 
  5. Alfonso Cuaran for Gravity 
  6. Iceland 
  7. 1st Singapore, 2nd Mauritius 
  8. Zubin Mehta, Pt. Ravi Shanker 
  9. Sunil Chhetri and Oinam Bem Bem Devi respectively 
  10. Robert Lyman
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