IBPS PO Interview Experience - 20 January - Jammu

Name : Jagmohan.
Venue : PNB Circle Office, Bahu Plaza Jammu.
Qualification : B.A honors in English. Fresher.

I reached the venue about 8 o’clock. Verification started about 9 o’clock as staff was late.
When Panel came about quarter to 10, They played the prayer on the music system-
Itni shakti hame dena data man ka vishwas kamjor ho na…… 

All people of the office stood and we also stood for the prayer. I was filled with positive energy and interview started.

My turn was 15th and gave interview about quarter to 1.
Panel: There were five members. 4 senior male and 1 senior lady.
Entered room, Wished them.
M1: So you are Jagmohan.
Me: yes, sir.
M2: What’s your father?
Me: Explained.
M2: What is CSR?
Me: Explained.
M2: Asked me, which scheme is launched by Modi to promote CSR?
Me: Said, Make in India in excitement but wrong and he didn’t tell me.
M2: You have done honors in Eng, tell me ur fav. writer and his work and why do u like him?
Me: Shakespeare and explained some of his plays and gave reason for being my favorite.
M3: Tell me about NPA?
Me: Explained.
M3: What is Balance sheet and started to grill but I gave up.
M4: I have Rs 100 total in bank, can I lend whole money?
Me: No, after keeping CRR, SLR and 40% for priority sector, I can lend. M4 Looked satisfied.
M5(Lady): What is National Anthem?
Me: Explained. Jan Gan Man…..
M5: Who wrote it?
Me: Rabindra Nath Tagore.
M5: Which missionary had got noble prize?
Me: Mother Teresa.
M4: Two Historical places of Jammu.
Me: Explained.
M4: How Jammu is named Jammu?
Me: Explained.
M1: Thank you. You can go now.
Me: Thank you very much.
Interview Lasted for 10 minutes only.
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  1. Sir ekk sawal hai, aapko thoda ajib lagega mai thoda mota huge, aur jarurat se jyada fat hu, isse koi problem ho sakti

  2. Jan Dhan Yojana can be the answer for Corporate Social Responsibility. Swacch Bharat is also social reponsiblity but not meant specifically for corporates.

  3. Suhit tumharra interview kab hai


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