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IBPS PO Interview Experience - 20 January - Jammu

Published on Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Name : Jagmohan.
Venue : PNB Circle Office, Bahu Plaza Jammu.
Qualification : B.A honors in English. Fresher.

I reached the venue about 8 o’clock. Verification started about 9 o’clock as staff was late.
When Panel came about quarter to 10, They played the prayer on the music system-
Itni shakti hame dena data man ka vishwas kamjor ho na…… 

All people of the office stood and we also stood for the prayer. I was filled with positive energy and interview started.

My turn was 15th and gave interview about quarter to 1.
Panel: There were five members. 4 senior male and 1 senior lady.
Entered room, Wished them.
M1: So you are Jagmohan.
Me: yes, sir.
M2: What’s your father?
Me: Explained.
M2: What is CSR?
Me: Explained.
M2: Asked me, which scheme is launched by Modi to promote CSR?
Me: Said, Make in India in excitement but wrong and he didn’t tell me.
M2: You have done honors in Eng, tell me ur fav. writer and his work and why do u like him?
Me: Shakespeare and explained some of his plays and gave reason for being my favorite.
M3: Tell me about NPA?
Me: Explained.
M3: What is Balance sheet and started to grill but I gave up.
M4: I have Rs 100 total in bank, can I lend whole money?
Me: No, after keeping CRR, SLR and 40% for priority sector, I can lend. M4 Looked satisfied.
M5(Lady): What is National Anthem?
Me: Explained. Jan Gan Man…..
M5: Who wrote it?
Me: Rabindra Nath Tagore.
M5: Which missionary had got noble prize?
Me: Mother Teresa.
M4: Two Historical places of Jammu.
Me: Explained.
M4: How Jammu is named Jammu?
Me: Explained.
M1: Thank you. You can go now.
Me: Thank you very much.
Interview Lasted for 10 minutes only.
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