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IBPS PO Interview Experience - Pune (19-01-2015)

Name of venue - Bank of Maharashtra, Pune

Timing - 8 30 am

There were 5 panelist (4 male 1 female). Greeted them with good morning.


M1 - What is your educational background?
me - MBA in Finance and Engineering in ENTC

M1 - How your graduation will help you in this job.
me -  Told him that I will be more comfortable with explaining mobile banking and net banking to customers than other guys with different background.

M2 - What is net worth
me - Gave him the answer (Read detailed answers here)

M2 - What are different kinds of investments other than deposits that a customer can invest?
me -  Gave him the answer.

M3 - What is the difference between prime security and collateral security?
me - Didn't know the correct answer so I just explained him the concepts.

M4 - What is goodwill?
me - Gave her the answer. (Read detailed answer here)

M5 - How would u market PSU products compare to private banking products?
me - Gave him the answer.

That's all. Best Luck. They are just testing your confidence.

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  1. Sir this year, they are focussing more on behaviour interview. They are giving us a situation and asking for our actions.

    Q- if the link of your branch is not working and someone need money urgently. What will you do as a manager ?

    Q- If a new banking product is launched, how will you promote that as being a manager

    Although answers to these questions depends on personal judgement skills. But it will be really helpful if you can provide a general article, or just a single post about this behaviour interview, just to give us the basic idea about what the interviewer is looking for.

    A sample of few questions with suitable answers will surely help all the candidates.

  2. P.O in S.B.I aka (Cameo Sis)..January 19, 2015 at 2:07 PM

    sir ibps po mt 3 ki secnd list kb tk aayegi??????????????????plzz rplyy sir

  3. Nh aayegi koi list....ek hi list aani thi....or po 4 ki bhi ek hi aayegi...


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