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IBPS PO Interview Experience - Supriyo Das(Kokata)

Published on Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Name: Supriyo Das
Venue: United Bank Head Office (Kolkata)
Time: 8:30 (Reporting)

Panel: 1

There was a Panel of 5 member.

Document verification was started by 9:30 and completed by 11. But went to the interview room at 1:30pm

M1. What are you doing now. Why have you been unemployed and since when.
Ans: Answered.

M1: Why did you leave your previous employer. (Indicating to the reason of leaving as health in my release asked about that)
Ans: Answered and they seemed convinced

M2: What is CIBIL
Ans: Answered. Then the following question was..

M2: What risk is monitored by CIBIL authority.
Ans: I told them that CIBIL authority check the credit worthiness of the borrower. and give credit rating. But he was asking for particular risk ("Credit Risk") that they check for. I could not answered.

M2: Okay, then tell us what are the various kind of risks that a bank faces.
Ans: I answered with all the 5 risks (Monetary, Interest rate, Foreign reserve, Operational and Liquidity). But he said you told all the risks except the one I wanted. Then he only clarified my doubt with the answer.

M2: Okay, can you name few other institutions who give credit rating to the borrowers.
Ans: Answered with all the name mentioned in December Digest Doc.

M3: Tell me about financial inclusion.
Ans: Answered rightly.

M3: Tell us few schemes in financial inclusion.
Ans: Answered.

M4: Okay, we see you have worked in IT sector. what sort of worked you perform.
Ans:I told them, I was a manual tester and involved in projects of Bank of America and Citi Bank. I explained clearly the job i performed in detail.

M4: Can you tell me one banking application which is being used by many banks world wide and the version of the same.
Ans: I said, it is Finacle, designed by Infosys only but could not tell the version.

M4: Okay, then tell me which database this Finacle software uses.
Ans:I was skeptic about the answer and first answered DB2. Then M4 gave me 3 options( DB2, Oracle and SQL) and my choice was Oracle.

M4: Which version of Oracle:
Ans: I could not answer.

M5: There was a question from banking only from the 5th member, which I forgot.
Ans: I answered that question properly.

Thats all. They wished me luck and asked me to leave. Tough average time taken for the other candidatets was 20 minutes but they took only 10 to 12minutes for me. I guess that's because I was the last candidate of that panel...:(

I am just keeping my fingers crossed and hope for the best. Please wish me luck sir.

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