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IBPS PO Interview Questions with Detailed Answers

Published on Friday, January 02, 2015
Many of you might have started preparations for IBPS PO interviews. Today I am sharing common questions asked in IBPS PO interview. 

Interview starts with personal questions and questions related to banking and financial sectors are asked.

So here is list of questions asked :-

Tell us something about yourself

This question might sounds so simple and introductory
but answer to this question will frame the whole series of questions to be asked by interviewers.

Many of you might be unemployed or helping their father in their business, don't lie. If you left your job for bank exams preparations then speak it out. This is a positive point, this fact depicts that you are serious about this job. 

What do your Father do

Yesterday I talked to a candidate who failed in IBPS PO III because his father was earning well from agriculture. Interviewers are looking for stable candidates who will join and who don't have any other option.

Why do you want to work in a Bank

If you not from a commerce background, then interviewer might ask you this question. If you are a Computer engineer then you can't say that I don't want to into IT sector because of hectic work schedule. Interviewers are looking for work horses, if you don't like IT sector then banking might be boring sector for you.

So a smart answer would - 

There are better opportunities and stability in banking sector 

Questions related to Banking

  1. What are the various services provided by a bank ?
  2. What is a Current account
  3. What is difference between Current account and Savings account ?
  4. What is CC ?
  5. What is a crossed cheque ?
  6. What is a DEMAT account ?
  7. How the value of sensex is calculated ?
  8. What is NEFT ?
  9. What is Difference between RTGS and NEFT ?
  10. What are the various risks faced by a Bank ?
  11. What is Liquidity ?
  12. What are brown label ATMs ?
  13. What are Navratna companies ?
  14. What are the various function of RBI ?
  15. What is SLR and CRR  and How RBI controls inflation ?
  16. What are Mutual funds ?
  17. What are types of mutual funds ?
  18. What is Index fund ?
  19. Which tax generates highest revenue to the central government ?
  20. Who is the governor of your State ?

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