IBPS PO Mock Interview 3 - Gyan Saurabh

As all of you might know that I have started interview preparation series for IBPS PO. Today I interviewed Gyan Saurabh, He completed his MBA from Hyderabad Central University.

Here is Part I and Part II of this series

Interview Performance Measurement Criteria

  • Confidence
  • Communication skills
  • Knowledge of basic banking concepts
  • Seriousness

Questions asked In the interview :-

  • Tell me something about yourself
  • What does your father do ?
  • Tell me something about United nations
  • NITI Ayog
  • Rate of service tax
  • Various tax exemptions for Jammu and Kashmir
  • What are options
  • What is call option ?

I asked "What are Options"

Answer by Gyan
Options are the tools which are used in the money market usually for the hedging and other purposes where some share or any other object or stock or any other thing are bought before and for a pre-defined period or pre-defined time with a pre-specific rate which are further
It was too vague.

That was the most difficult definition I ever heard. For me, He was rejected in the first minute. Remaining part of interview was nice.

A tip for all of you ;- Never try to speak too much without knowledge.

Stay updated

 I will upload interview preparation digest tomorrow.

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  1. sir plz also update day to day working of bank

  2. sir also give the answers for the above question
    will it be there in interview digest 2 which i purchased for 40

  3. Sir, in sbi clrk intrw they asked my weakness, i said if any body disturb me when im in serious work i feel bad. Did i say wrong stmnt?

  4. plz post about profitability ratio, leverage ratio, turnover ratio

  5. nice interview.. good work sir thank u

  6. great work mandeep sir....................5i was silent follower of ur blog now i i have made full time disus profile.....................

  7. great work RD sir..

  8. Bht sahi sir thanks

  9. Please provide a post on TAX and its types.. really very confusing it is :(
    I just know what comes under direct and indirect tax.. but dnt know their rates.. why they r imposed etc etc. :(

  10. ya its a nyc interview.. atleast he is confidnt while answering..that matters a lot.. gud luck :)

  11. well..thanks interview of others are helpful to all of us..
    but can anyone xplain me what are options..?? and call option..??

  12. if u are mba in finance you would probably knw it....if not thn dont stress yourself in learning it

  13. RD sir .i am having 168 in RRB OA gen cate.....will i get any RRB in hindi language states..plz reply ??

  14. what are the tax assumptions in jammu

  15. http://jkdfc.org/industrial_policy_goi.htm

  16. hi any one can give me the best answer for dis situation..interviewer was asking a lady who is having a small baby and her husband works as lecturer in sum college,that was a temporary job..they r from south.k nw questin starts " IF U R SELECTED AND POSTED IN NORTH WILL U JOIN R NOT?IF YES HOW WILL U MANAGE YOUR FAMILY"

  17. All ibps po and clerk paas students. . I have made a whatsapp group for interview preperation... msg me on my number 9163833379 and I will add you to that group..!!!

  18. Hai I am selected for clerk interview but I don't have obc certificate right now. If I take it now is Is valid

  19. Does this case really apply in ur life or are u trying to create some hypothetical situation??
    Well if its genuine the lady can ask her mother in law or mother to stay with her and take care of the baby and the husband who is working as a temporary lecturer can find a job in north india.

  20. What purpose will that serve?

  21. Tax exemption provided in J & K are on Service Tax for incouraging the Tourism Sector in Terrorism hit state. In 2011 Service Tax was introduced in pan india, but it was exempted in J & K especially to incourage Hotel Industry and Tour operators. Tourism is the primary sector of J & K.

  22. You are not allowed to share your mobile number here

  23. That's a good score, all high score candidates are placed now, it's your turn now

  24. Sir kya gradution ki marklist valid hai interview ke liye .... bcoz abi mri degree nai ayi hai????


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