Questions asked in IBPS IV Interview - Shimla

Published on Friday, January 23, 2015
Varun Sharma
M Tech (ECE)
Venue: UCO Bank, Himland, Shimla (HP)
Date: 22/01/15
Time: 08:30
Panel - II

Interview starts at 12:15 PM

There are five members in the panel. Four Male and One Female.
All are very polite and good observers.

Following were the questions asked:

M1; Tell about Yourself?

M1: Why enters into banking sector after graduation in Engineering?

M1: Explain the difference between NABARD and SIDBI.

M2: What is EXIM Bank?

M2: After resuming the post of PM, How many countries did Mr Modi visits? Name them?

M3: In which states elections were held recently

M3: Who is the Chief Minister of Maharashtra? What about J & K?

M4: Name some Indian companies in Fortune 500 list.

PS: Answer if you knows the answer completely as one member in the panel keep on asking while others are observing very closely. Don't fumble.

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