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Profit and Loss Important Examples with Solution {Video}

Published on Wednesday, February 04, 2015
Today I am sharing Profit and Loss tutorial along with iportant practice questions that are repeating in various competitive exams.

Video length - 20 minutes 50 seconds
Language - English

Video resolution - HD

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Some Tricky questions on Profit and Loss for Specialist officer (Try to solve them without using formulae)

Question 1. A shopkeeper wants to give 5% discount and also wants to earn 10%.If C.P is Rs 95 . Find Marked price ?
Options: a). 100 b). 95 c). 110 d). None of these

Question 2. A Shopkeeper wants to give 15% discount and also wants to earn 19% then find M.P is how much % more than C.P ?
Options: a). 30% b). 40% c). 55% d). None of these

Question 3. A shopkeeper sells his goods at 6% loss and uses a weight of 900 gm for 1 kg weight. find profit %
Options: a). 5.55% b). 4% c). 4.44% d). 6%

Question 4. The profit earned by selling an article for Rs 832 is equal to the loss when the same article is sold for Rs 448.What should be the S.P to make 50% profit.
Options: a). 960 b). 1000 c). 980 d). None of these

Question 5. If C.P of fifteen pen is S.P of twelve pen then find profit % ?
Options: a). 20% b). 25% c). 22% d). None of these


1. c 2. b 3. c 4. a 5. b

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