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English Vocabulary Quiz - Moderate

Published on Thursday, March 26, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Serene
a) peaceful
b) sorrowful
c) disorganized
d) extremely hot

2. Mesmerize
a) separate
b) bury
c) hypnotize
d) remember

3. Chauvinism
a) forcefulness
b) feeling of superiority
c) intense emotion
d) denial

4. Complementary
a) free
b) done
c) flattering
d) matching

5. Analogous
a) similar
b) transforming
c) physical
d) irrational

6. Impermeable
a) sealed
b) shameless
c) momentary
d) slow-moving

7. Lethargic
a) incorrect
b) weary
c) hostile
d) sensitive

8. Embellish
a) cover up
b) add details to
c) discuss openly
d) spread falsehoods

9. Anachronism
a) controversial
b) belonging to another time
c) punctual
d) heroically brave

10. Archaic
a) followinga clear path
b) difficult to understand
c) very old
d) diminishing
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