English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 4

Published on Friday, March 27, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Retract
a) lower in worth
b) take back (a statement)
c) move towards
d) view again

2. Melancholy
a) Bitterness
b) Unhealthiness
c) Sadness
d) Talkativeness

3. Qualify
a) provide money for
b) abandon
c) restrict a statement
d) keep unchanged

4. Paragon
a) the best of its kind
b) an old-fashioned belief
c) an uncommon occurrence
d) many-sided figure

5. Misattribute
a) fall back on
b) fix in place
c) misidentify
d) reconsider

6. Malleable
a) brittle
b) untrustworthy
c) slippery
d) moldable

7. Disheartened
a) losing confidence
b) embarrassed
c) full of hostility
d) long-lasting

8. Archaic
a) following a clear path
b) very old
c) diminishing
d) difficult to understand

9. Delegate
a) expose as false
b) assign
c) intimidate
d) cancel

10. Stipend
a) regular allowance
b) abusive criticism
c) uncertain amount
d) something that causes harm

Download complete vocabulary list here

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