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New India Assurance Company Limited – Finance Interview

Published on Wednesday, March 04, 2015
Mumbai – 27th February, 2015
Interview at around 2 p.m.

There were 5 panel member, 4 male and 1 female.

Questions asked:

1. What is BRS?

Bank Reconciliation Statement – what it is – and named four items.

2. 5 Accounting Standards applicable to Insurance companies?

I answered to the best of my knowledge! AS -3, 9, 10, 11, and 15. But I got confused when they asked what is AS – 11, as instead of AS numbers I’d told them the name of the AS.

3. The CMD of New India Assurance?

This I answered and was really glad I’d remembered the name! G. Shrinivasan.

4. Who appoints the Auditors of New India Assurance?

This is was able to answer too – the CAG.

5. Who is Kiran Bedi?

I thought this was a trick question! Like there must be a difficult follow up question! But I answered who she is and that was it!

That took care of the technical question – in hindsight there were not much Finance related questions asked – maybe they would have asked more if I’d not run afoul in the GK questions.

I was asked about my native place West Bengal … and Bengali Nobel Laureates and PM of Bangladesh! – in short is kept on saying sorry and that I wasn’t sure of the answer!

Really embarrassing! 

That was it – interview wasn’t too long – but the waiting took hours.

The panel was very good and encouraging – if I was getting stuck they would help with the answers!

Experience was good – but keeping in mind the number of vacancy in general and the quality of the competition – I’m praying real hard!!

For those who are yet to appear for the interviews – brush up on the basics and home/native place, interview place’s knowledge must.

Plus some of the other candidates were randomly asked about the current scenario in Uganda, Syria etc. – so that open up the field on current affairs a little bit more!

For candidates who are non-commerce, you will be asked why insurance sector – specially if you got placed through campus placements and are now leaving that job.

Also they ask about one’s comfort with all India posting.

Also – do not lie – it shows on the face and the timbre of the voice – they know when you’re bluffing and will catch you at it with cross questioning!

Be confident. Be knowledgeable.

All the very best!

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